Everyday cool run lightning Leopard Rei Lion King mount Introduction

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Every day, the Lightning leopard and the Rei Lion King in the end which mounts more powerful? Here's a data analysis of these two mounts to make sure you know which mounts are more resilient to play.

Rei Lion King Skills: Start 400 meters: eat any props will produce high stars, can be in the game process to trigger more mysterious features!

The Lightning Leopard skill: Starts 400 meters super mode to make the role bigger and the score 3 times times, may trigger more mysterious function in the game process!

 Data comparison:

Lightning leopard victory Rei Lion King, I personally experience, the three I use characters gold gun small handsome 120 pet mask Lion King Lightning Leopard and Rei Lions Wang Quan 60 below is the data. (performance means every time a super reward runs out of data)

Lightning Leopard

(1) Performance 15927 distance 890 meters performance 29976 distance 1842 performance 53614 distance 2878 Lightning Leopard

(2) Performance 16214 distance 867 meters performance 35707 Distance 1806 performance 59000 distance 2803 Lightning Leopard

(3) Performance 17512 distance 889 meters performance 34313 distance 1836 performance 56461 distance 2899

Rei Lion King

(1) Performance 13952 distance 862 meters performance 27379 distance 1809 performance 45071 distance 2874 Rei Lion King

(2) Performance 13082 distance 872 meters performance 27086 distance 1851 performance 43756 distance 2863 Rei Lion King

(3) Performance 13869 distance 880 meters performance 27300 Distance 1808 performance 45658 distance 2880

In fact, all the same. If you don't have to Rei the Lion 400 to the first super reward, it's usually 3000-4000 points and a maximum of 3,000 points. If the leopard ate all the 3000x3+3000= More than 12,000 if it is the Lion King in the first super reward before the lucky 8000 points plus Super Reward 3000 points 11000. But it's not absolute. In the game, if the lion eats more than the props may be more points.

In fact, the gap between these data is not very big, the key or the player's technology to be perfect, but if you want to be more secure, then it is recommended that you choose a lightning leopard better.

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