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EX-CLOUD, started in 1999, the brand of NHN Techorus that provides host services for small and medium-sized enterprises. It should be because of the vast majority of market users in China who provide Chinese interface language services (some of which are not yet complete in Chinese). Some of them received an introduction from their home office some time ago, and ask for a test machine, ready to personally experience their VPS host products.


After all, there are still a lot of user needs on the Asia line. Since IDCF restricted Chinese users, Conoha Japan and Singapore have also bypassed, and Vultr Japan and Singapore are not as fast as possible, even if Linode is out of stock in Japan, we can test the performance and speed of the VPS host in the Japanese data center of EX-CLOUD merchants. However, we should mention that their home only supports credit card payment, this threshold may cause a lot of users to have trouble.


First, EX-CLOUD merchants and basic introduction


1. Official website address


The code is as follows: Copy code

Official website: https://ex-cloud.jp/zh/vps/


2. Solution Configuration and introduction


Minimum configuration: 1 GB memory, 50 GB hard disk, 756 mbps unlimited traffic sharing, yen monthly fee, only credit card payment supported


3. System use and support


Old Zuo found a problem when logging on to their website for the first time. The user experience of various menus and machines is not what we usually see. For example, we cannot register an account separately, for example, you can register an account at the end of the purchase. After purchasing and activating the machine, you cannot re-install the system on your own. You need to unsubscribe the machine before you can have a new system. Or use the panel backup function to back up the system first, and then use the restoration function to restore the current time point environment (inconvenient ).


The background panel and many places do not have Chinese characters, but Japanese or English. Therefore, we still need to solve these problems in Chinese. After activating the machine, you must follow the steps below to obtain the ROOT password and do not have the ROOT permission enabled.


The code is as follows: Copy code

After logging on to the console, select the host to be managed in "submodules" in the upper right corner (if there are multiple hosts), select the "System" tab, and click "File Manager, go to the root folder and find the "user_password" file, which contains our root information.


Old Left comment: these details are still troublesome for common users. If we need to use the root permission, we need to switch to sudo. The password is the same as we can see.


2. Comprehensive experience of EX-CLOUD merchant VPS hosts


Although the merchant's interface supports Chinese characters, most of them are in English or Japanese, which is not a problem. We should mainly look at the speed and performance of their home machines, because the overall price seems not very expensive.


1. Test IP address




This is the IP address of the machine on the left hand.


2. Ping speed test



3. Route tracing line test



4. Basic EX-cloud vps information



5. Random node download speed and I/O testing



The "Linux VPS/server one-click hardware configuration detection, node download, and I/O read/write scripts" tool is used here. Some netizens commented that they could not be used. I can use this test just now.


Conclusion: EX-CLOUD has been operating for several years. It supports Chinese interfaces, but not all of them are well written in Chinese. The background and many places are still in English and Japanese. In terms of price and configuration, it is relatively cheap, but credit card payment is required; and it does not support re-installation of the system. It is not clear whether the system will be changed in the future, which is troublesome.

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