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When you use Excel, you often need to copy or move data between worksheets, or you can simply copy the entire worksheet. It is different to copy the contents of all the cells in a worksheet and to copy the entire worksheet, which describes the methods of copying or moving separately below.

1. Copy and paste all the cells in the worksheet

This is one of the most common methods that most people use, and it is also more convenient and easy to do. The specific steps are as follows.

(1) Press CTRL + A to select all cells (in Excel 2003, if you want to select all cells in a worksheet, select a cell in the blank area before pressing CTRL + A; Press CTRL + If you have selected a cell in the data range beforehand) A selects the entire range that contains the data, not all the cells in the worksheet, and pay attention to this difference when you actually do it. You can also select all cells by clicking the row and column intersection in the upper-left corner of the worksheet.

Tip: If you've selected cells in the data area, you can press the Ctrl+a+a key to select all the cells.

(2) Press CTRL + C to copy.

(3) Press ctrl+page down to jump to another worksheet, and then click A1 Cell.

(4) Press ENTER. This copies all the cells from the previous worksheet to the current worksheet.

2. Copy the entire worksheet

Copying an entire worksheet does not just mean copying all the cells in the worksheet, but also including the page setup parameters for the worksheet, as well as the custom zone names.

Method One

(1) Move the mouse pointer over the sheet tab.

(2) Hold down the CTRL key while you drag the worksheet to another location.

(3) Loosen the CTRL key and the left mouse button, so that the entire worksheet of the same workbook is moved and copied.

Method Two

(1) Right-click on the Sheet tab.

(2) Select "Move or Copy Sheet" from the pop-up menu. The Move or Copy Sheet dialog box appears as shown in Figure 1, and we can see that you can move the selected worksheet to a different location on the same worksheet, or you can choose to move to a specific location in another workbook. If you select the check box below the dialog box, "Make a copy," the same worksheet is copied at the target location.

Figure 1

Method Three

(1) Select menu command "window | rearrange window".

(2) In the Rearrange Window dialog box, select Arrange by to tile, as shown in Figure 2. Click the OK button.

Figure 2

(3) Press the CTRL key to drag and drop the worksheet as described in method one to copy the worksheet from one workbook to another workbook.

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