Excel uses graphs to dynamically reflect the y=3x+4 curves of mathematical functions

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Based on the data, Excel uses the chart to represent the curve of the mathematical function y=3x+4, we have to use XY scatter chart to achieve the curve effect!

The method is as follows: first, establish the data region of the following figure.

A1 Enter a constant of 4, then the B column enters the range of independent variables such as [ -5,5], as the scope of the change of X.

Then, in column C, we have to reflect the value of the Y value in the y=3x+4. This is the function value, which is computed from X and constant 4.

Like the following figure.

To use a formula in C1:

= $A $1+b1*3, then fill it with the fill function to get the function value.

Note that the $a$1 here represents a constant, a value of 4, where an absolute reference is used.

After the data is generated, finally, we can use the chart.

First, the data for the BC two column is selected. Then insert an "XY scatter chart" in the "countless points smooth line scatter plot", as shown in the following figure, the appropriate settings can be.

When the settings are complete, the diagram below is generated.

This is the graph of y=3x+4. When you modify the value of a constant 4, or if you modify the value of the argument x, the curve of function y will automatically change.

Scatter charts are typically used to compare aggregated data across categories. Scatter graphs are ideal for dealing with the distribution of values and the clustering of data points. If the dataset contains very many points (for example, thousands of dots), then the scatter chart is the best chart type.

Scatter charts are typically used to display and compare values, such as scientific data, statistics, and engineering data.

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