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The sum of some data that is often used in Excel, the order of average, such as the total sum of the students ' scores and the average score of the class. So how do you do it? In Excel2010, the method of calculating the average value with function automatic table is as follows:

Step one: The first thing to know is the sum of the function is sum. Calculate the sum of the following data as shown in the figure.

Step two: In the total score of the cell (B12), the input function "=sum (B2:B11)" Why to enter this function value. Sum is the SUM function value, followed by the total value from cell B2 to B11. Believe that this should always understand why the input of the B2:B11, if you ask for personal score, in the D2 cell input "=sum (B2:B3)", very simple bar. As shown in the figure:

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So how do you mean it? In fact, the method is the same, but the average function is not sum, is the "AVERAGE" function, then directly to the sum into the acerage function can be. As shown in the figure:

Of course ecxel2010 we sometimes in the sum of the time to use the SUMIF, the SUMIFS function, the specified cell to sum the function, all, this use of the method to see how the user changed their operation, the method of averaging is the same. Look at the function's words directly in the Start menu's "formula" option. The above is Excel2010 with function automatic table summation, the average operation of the relevant content, hope to help users.

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