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What if a website insists on running for more than 10 years? Of course, SEO optimization means to operate the site, no matter how the outside changes, has been to adhere to, perhaps, the final site on the search engine dependence is not very strong, the highest level of SEO is not the heart of SEO, if your own site as a life-body, The earliest child stage, need some foreign power to assist it, such as search engine to bring traffic, such as the way to obtain traffic in SEO, and then use the means of payment to promote its rapid let more people know, and the ultimate goal of these efforts is that the site can put aside some foreign forces, they can walk. This is also an excellent site evaluation criteria, even if the search engine was down the right, there are still users, in a word, search engines can not do me!

Yahoo abandoned the Chinese market, many people are due to the end of the partnership between Yahoo and Ali Group, E-commerce sites and search engine of the combination, there will be a period of intimacy, and the more vulnerable the site, the search engine rely on the stronger, until the site has enough power, More users can visit the site without using the search engine, the role of the search engine is becoming weaker, when the site has enough users, and in the station to establish a strong search system, O2O mode has been stereotyped, like Ali Group and Yahoo Cooperation, basically near the end of the Because any business cooperation is in a certain common interests of cooperation, lost interest, break up is a matter of sooner or later!

Amazon, which has recently been rumored to have been largely Google's source of client resources, is changing as Amazon's strength rises. Much of the data suggests that Amazon is replacing Google as the first portal for users to buy online. Forrester, a research firm, conducted a survey in 2009, which found that 1/4 of consumers made Google the first entry point for their purchases, compared with 18% for Amazon. But by the year 2011, when the research structure turned upside down, about 1/3 of consumers began to use Amazon as the first entry point for online shopping, and Google's only 13%. A study published in the ComScore2012 year also showed that Amazon's direct-product search was up 73% from 2011, while Google's had little change.

In the mobile internet crowded, "" in the Reign of ", Baidu seems to suddenly silent, micro-letter after the easy letter, the internet upstart and traditional operators between the cooperation and entanglements, the electrical business of the big guys caught on the killing, search engine started Baidu, as if there has been no suitable way to enter this field, because an app software system, Just click Do not need to search around to open the search engine can enter, the same mobile internet pattern, the same search engine model, Baidu may not need to do anything, just, playing "Niang" identity, answer a variety of questions is enough! The social marketing of mobile Internet, and the continuous artificial intelligence of search engine compare, Social marketing is pure interpersonal communication, this is enough to step across the search engine constantly pursue the goal of artificial intelligence, it is extremely embarrassing!

But if you ignore the role of the search engine now, then you are wrong, big Web site can ignore the existence of search engines, and the development of small web site is inseparable from the search engine, perhaps a lot of people are disappointed because of SEO optimization, SEO is a long process, and this is just the beginning of the site, In the Internet this lake want to get status, first of all need to search engine recognition, like a university diploma, in search engines to play the official this proof, the site has the value of survival!

Of course, to get this proof, you need to do three things, enough content, and this content is the user needs, often access to browse, followed by enough attention, in the relevant unrelated to other sites, can capture the shadow of the site, everywhere in fact is to publicize their own, perhaps a local sex talent site , because a footprint is left on a medical site, and access to access to the user, which means that the impact of the site over the peer, has been the consensus of everyone, finally, there is a user to memorize the brand, a reference to the site, know what to do, although it is difficult to do, but, as the ultimate goal of the site, Always work towards this direction!

The user experience is a very important thing, mobile internet has not seen the situation can be profitable, the electric dealers have stationed, the most fundamental reason lies in the mobile phone user group is a few billion scale, the user experience the first is the user see see, Good user experience is the electric business people squeeze the head of the reason. Similarly, the search engine optimization is the fundamental goal is to enable users to quickly find the request, it will be as far as possible and keyword-related user experience good web page to show in front of the search users, and the site to do SEO optimization is to find and site-related content of users to attract their own web site, The core of SEO optimization is doing a good user experience!

Understand this reason webmaster, should know that the site will sooner or later on the search engine disdain, because to the direct access to the site more than enough users, there is a good word-of-mouth communication between the time, of course, there is an important point is that a website want to continue to survive, the choice of products is very important, like the roadside barber shop, Hotels like this product is the user has long been required, the site will sooner or later ignore the existence of search engines. This article from the Shenzhen website: http://www.szfangwei.cn starting A5 webmaster Network, reproduced please keep the link, thank you!

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