Excellent step cancel order deduction fee Uber excellent step cancel order deduction fee how to do?

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Excellent step to cancel the order deduction problem Solution:

What is the problem of canceling the order deduction fee?

The company stipulates that if the driver arrives at the pick-up location and cannot contact the passengers, or if the passenger cancels the trip after 5 minutes of booking, the minimum consumption of each class of vehicle will be charged as the cancellation fee, and then it is unreasonable, so we can lodge a complaint, All we have to do is send an email to support@uber.com and see what we can do with it.

Excellent step to cancel the order to deduct money solution:

Open the superior step client, and then click on the "My trip" effect in the interface as shown below.

After entering, we select the problematic itinerary in the open excellent step interface.

After entering, we click on "Need Help" and then select the position of my circle in the picture, as shown below.

Then help the interface to fill out your questions on the OK!

Then you receive a mailbox reminder is being checked, if the verification is not a problem, then the money will be back to you oh, such as, you call the car, the results of 30 minutes did not come, at this time the cancellation is certainly not your problem oh.

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