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This is another person's home page design! Before mixing together to see may not feel, alone to see Spain's web design is still able to detect their national character, fashionable and unrestrained, modern design difficult to cover the restlessness and passion, fascinating!

Vibrant, vibrant, beautiful, stylish, this is the impression of Spain, but also from Spain's excellent web design to give people a different experience. The unique browsing experience of these pages is not accidental, and Spain's unique history and history and diverse cultures endow them with extraordinary styles: The Italian Renaissance, Romanesque style, Muslim culture, the golden Age of Spanish culture, baroque and Rococo, neo-classicism, and surrealism, Culture and ideological trend in Spain converge, the imprint of the Times and numerous artistic movements overlap here.

Thus, the richness of the artistic atmosphere and cultural accumulation directly affect each of the growing Spanish artists and designers, their works of art in the creative and emotional can be so different, not surprising.

Today, if we want to understand the art of this country in a hurry, let us from their web design to explore the hearts of the country's designers.

 Alejandro Torres

The design team cleverly let the food float on the white background, lifelike food as if light weight general, presenting a unique visual experience. As a landing page for a catering site, this design is perfect.


Moon the brain hole opened the Web page, was recommended to the awwwards when many designers have been praised. The designer tells the story form to present the sharp social question, cleverly lets the lovable artistic appeal and the humanities concern fully combine, the thought-provoking.

 Zione Ceramica

As an interior design website, Zione Ceramica uses a large number of exquisite pictures, elegant fonts and multimedia to make the Spanish-style design life vividly.


Nutone's design team has an extremely deep understanding of how to maximize the concept of "less is more", as evidenced by their website. The site will be "works," "About," and "Contacts." The important part uses monochrome background, presents in the minimalist style, but the extremely fine typeface and other adornment element has the rich detail and the geometrical characteristic, very has the stylish appearance.

Lois Jeans 2013

The Web site is full of textured tones with dynamic video and spectacular layout settings, conveying an adventurous mood. Elegant fonts in the Lomo wind-rich page, looking very beautiful.


Thanks to a lot of gorgeous photos, finely polished graphics, beautiful colors and elegant fonts, this site, called Almatrichi, looks mature and perfect.

 Gonzalo Perez

This is a personal work show site, beautiful flattened color block dotted on the tidy refreshing page, full of vitality.


Video and pictures are cleverly tiled on Typeform's home page, with immersive phantom buttons that look stylish and pleasing. The beautiful font style makes the key information of the page more prominent.

 Chris Tarasovs

How to effectively show a designer's personal charisma? Take a closer look at Chris Tarasovs's personal site and you'll understand.


Elespacio's pages are dominated by pictures, which are more prominent than text content. The site cleverly uses gray-tone photos to keep the entire site style elegant.

 Chef S

The site's appetite for food pictures to create a wonderful atmosphere, like other similar sites, the site's background and text are used in warm tones, not only caught the attention of users, but also with the picture of food perfect match.

 Plastic Creative Studio

Plastic Creative Studio uses a typical single-page design, with a responsive layout that not only allows more screens to be compatible, but also makes it easier to show the studio's design work to customers.

  Monday Music

The pages of Monday Music are neatly designed and clean, and the colors are refreshing enough. Because designers use a responsive layout, they can also be viewed on a variety of devices.

  Henry Saiz

Websites that use video backgrounds often have a distinct personality that stands out from many sites. As Henry Saiz's official website, the video background gives the site a high-energy atmosphere.


The large HD image of the product is placed in the center of the Web page really is a very eye-catching design method, especially when your product itself is very beautiful.

  Conoce Valencia

Gorgeous typography, exquisite appearance, real video background, can you ask for more?


Typical product display page, refreshing and clean page, so that the product itself to attract users eyeball.

 AGi Architects

This is a unique building site, beautiful architecture and scenery naturally as a background, its unique place is that the site's navigation and content are made up of large and small squares, distributed in the top and bottom of the site, very interesting.

El Monstruo

The project has been polished to the last. This "weird" theme, made up of beautiful illustrations, decorative fonts, and dynamic video, is definitely a first-class web design project.

 Lois Jeans

This site's Landing page is stunning, gorgeous colors are painted into a watercolor background, very artistic appeal, while ensuring the readability of the text.


Many of Spain's web sites are reflective of the ability and power to be impressive, high-quality interactive design, smooth and excessive are not lost in other countries ' peers. It is worth mentioning that their color and emotional control is very Spanish style, combined with creativity, the miracle is so born.

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