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    • On the computerProgramA script is usually a computer language,Allows you to automate interactive operations that would have been performed with a keyboard.. OneShellScripts are mainly composed of commands that need to be input in the command line, or in a text baseline editing program, you can use scripts to combine some common operations into a sequence. The language used to write such scripts is called the script language.

The script language is Html And Java , C ++ And Visual Basic And so on.Programming LanguageLanguage. Html It is usually used to format text and link webpages. A programming language is usually used to send a series of complex commands to a computer. Scripting languages can also be used to send commands to computers, but their syntax and rules are not as strict and complex as compiled programming languages. The script language is mainly used to format text and use compiled components written in programming languages.

The scripting language and System Programming Language complement each other.

The script language is"Adhesive"Designed for applications, it uses a non-typed Method for advanced programming and faster development of applications than system programming languages. The increase in computer speed and the change in mixed applications make scripting more and more important in future applications.

The script language assumes that a series of useful components written in other languages already exist.The scripting language does not want to generate requests randomly. It mainly wants to connect components together.

the scripting language represents a set of protocols different from the system programming language. they sacrifice the execution speed and the type length related to the system programming language while higher programming creativity and software reuse . This Agreement becomes increasingly practical when computers become faster and cheaper than programmers. in complex data structures and algorithms , system programming languages are also suitable for creating components, scripting is more suitable for connecting complex applications. as work becomes increasingly prevalent, scripts will become a more important programming example in the next century.

I hope this articleArticleIt can affect programming groups in three aspects;
★When starting a new project and selecting the most powerful tool for each job, I want programmersConsidering the differences between scripts and System Programming
★I hope the designers of the component framework can realize thatThe importance of scripts and the belief that the framework is not only a tool for creating components, but also a tool that binds them together
★I hope the Institute of programming language research can change their attitude towards scripting and help develop more powerful scripting languages in the future. for a language designer, improving the programming hierarchy should be the only important goal, because it is the most important factor to improve the programmer's creativity. It is still unclear whether strong types can help to achieve this goal.

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It's too easy to use scripts to read and write the registry and create a quick method!

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