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Changes in Exchange 2007 include the adoption of a unified inbox, support for voice mail, and improved Outlook client e-mail software.

① immediately upgraded the company very few. Gartner's survey data show that one-fifth of Exchange users are still using Exchange 5.5, which has a "long" history of 9 years. This means that most companies will not start upgrading their existing Exchange systems until 2008.

② you want to run Exchange 2007, you must have 64-bit servers and 64-bit versions of Windows Server 2003. New chips such as Fast Dragon (Athlon), Xeon and Hao Long (Opteron) are capable of this work, and most Pentium systems are powerless.

③ uses a 64-bit chip, and system performance is expected to increase by 75% compared to Exchange 2003. Overall, the speed of performing system management tasks has increased, but there has been no significant change in the speed of e-mail delivery, Hopkins, a beta tester at Johns Hopkins University (Johns University), analyst of the Public Health Institute, Tode Wilson Todd Wilson.

④exchange 2007 can also block unsolicited e-mail. The ability to control the server now, it can block e-mail transactions between employees in two departments that are not allowed to share data in the enterprise.

⑤ adoption of a unified inbox is indeed an improvement. Exchange 2007 supports voice mail and faxes, and can also be integrated with Microsoft's upcoming Office Communications server.

⑥ portability Promotion. For mobile users, Exchange 2007 supports mobile search and provides a more sophisticated calendar service, and erases data when a mobile device is lost or stolen.

The components of ⑦exchange 2007 can be allocated on different servers: Gateway access is placed on one computer, security and calendar functions are placed on another, thereby improving redundancy.

⑧ competitive products are everywhere. IBM plans to launch its own products early this year to respond to Exchange 2007, a similar product from the Open-source software vendor Zimbra company that runs on Linux servers; Google Inc. (Google) Gmail or Microsoft's Hotmail/live mail may be more suitable for small businesses.

⑨ development work becomes easier. Microsoft has abandoned a large number of legacy application programming interfaces (APIs) and turned to new Web service-oriented APIs.

⑩ Client e-mail software Outlook has improved dramatically. Special selling points include: built-in RSS reader, the search function is more perfect, automatic note to the short message to color label, and can automatically delete the message after the specified date.

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