Exclusive interview with vb100: Trend Micro exited due to new virus detection failure

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Trend Micro, a world-renowned antivirus company, recently reiterated that it had withdrawn from the vb100 virus test (Virus Bulletin antivirus software virus detection rate testing organization) and stirred up a large wave of waves in the circle. The incident has been completed for a while. Unexpectedly, Trend Micro recently published an article focusing on evaluation and virus inequality games. It spoke highly of the accuracy of the other two evaluation agencies, it seems a little provocative to vb100, which has aroused high attention of some readers who are keen on network security. Wen/tU Wang Wenwen Yang sai recently, 51cto.com reporter and Virus Bulletin related personnel directly communicated, their test team director, john Hawes, a senior technical consultant, was pleased to receive an exclusive interview with 51cto.com. The following is the transcript of this interview :{
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Window. Open ("http://blog.51cto.com/viewpic.php? Refimg = "+ this. SRC)
} 'Src = "http://new.51cto.com/files/uploadimg/20091112/1733550.gif" alt = ""> John Hawes:I am surprised to hear that people are still interested in the trend to exit vb100, because they quit almost a year ago-as you said, they recently "announced" The decision again. Is that the case?   51cto.com Reporter: instead of making another announcement, he stressed the unequal evaluation game against the virus. They hope to have better anti-virus software evaluation standards. Anti-virus software has many functions: filtering malicious URLs, virus and Trojan horses, preventing spam and malware. What functions does vb100 test provide for anti-virus software?   John Hawes:The vb100 certification program aims to provide a clear and simple guide to the quality of Anti-Virus products. As you know, the authentication requirement is simple: No false positives are reported when detecting viruses on wildlist. In our opinion, these are the foundation, and any qualified product should be able to do so at any time. Being able to pass the certification does not prove that this is one of the best products in the market-it only indicates that this product is qualified and trustworthy. It is an "entry-level" Certification-testing is completely free and is developed for all products, including open-source products that do not have sufficient budgets for expensive certification. At this stage, because there are many "fake" Anti-Virus products, it is very important for users to identify whether a product is real and effective or spam, and our test results can help them. Of course, some products occasionally fail to meet the basic requirements of a certain test, which does not mean that this product is not good at all-our test results should be interpreted from the long-term performance, the test history of a product can reflect its reliability. A solid product should reflect a solid history of passing records (that is, through most of the tests it participates in)-and those products that are always failing have problems in their reliability. Vb100 authentication does not test additional functions, such as anti-spam, malicious website filtering, dynamic protection, and data leakage protection. The purpose of authentication is to cover the most basic and common local system protection functions of anti-virus software. Many people are concerned about our testing results. Many of our readers are not individual users but enterprises that use package products. Simple inspection data is a clear measure of product quality, it is useful to all readers. Many enterprises find that dynamic protection and cloud-based virus detection are not reliable, and there is still privacy inconvenience; many users also think that removing infected viruses is not as important as providing protection from the very beginning-many companies have a policy that treats infected systems as uncleanable, therefore, it is often simple to clean it, so as to prevent any future problems. We certainly hope to include these tests in the future, but we do not think this is the core component of the anti-virus solution.   51cto.com Reporter: Can you briefly talk about the situation of wildlist? Is it the largest and most complete virus database in the industry?   John Hawes:Wildlist is the core part of our authentication. It is not or is not intended to be the "most complete virus Database ". Wildlist is a subset of malware infected systems worldwide. It is reliable, proven, and proven to be popular at the time of release. Reports from around the world provide guidance on the most common samples-each product should be easily detected. This list has been focused on a narrow direction, but with the expansion of the scope of security threats, this list will also go through a significant expansion-this will make vb100 testing more rigorous. In addition to the requirements of the Certification Program, our comparison also includes a large amount of additional data, including larger and more variant Malware detection, speed, and system consumption, reviews of product design and availability. These products can help readers select among the products that have also passed our certification.   51cto.com Reporter: Does the antivirus software that has not passed the vb100 test indicate that its virus database is incomplete or the update is not timely? Generally, what are the newer or older viruses that fail to be detected?   John Hawes:The test fails. There are no "obsolete" samples in wildlist-each sample has been reported by at least two experts around the world in recent months. Some viruses may have been around for a while, but they are definitely not "Outdated" and still need to be protected. However, from our observations, we seldom find that some products do not detect old viruses-almost every failed detection is caused by a newly added virus sample. Many of them are multiform (polymorphic) viruses, which are difficult to completely detect. According to our monitoring, basically all recent detection failures that have aroused people's attention (including the last failed detection before Trend Micro exited ), these are all due to variants of the recently added multi-form virus.   51cto.com Reporter: Does vb100 plan to introduce more test projects in future tests? (For example, for cloudy Security)  John Hawes:In our future plans, we are indeed looking at the potential to include a wider range of areas in the test and want to implement a new test step, including "Cloud" anti-virus methods, URL filtering, dynamic virus detection, spam filtering, data leakage, and other technologies. However, at present, these are still in the development stage, and we hope to make some tests run as soon as possible. The design process is difficult because these technologies require completely different testing techniques. We work closely with the amtso team to provide more complete and accurate tests. 51cto.com Reporter: Does vb100 plan to set up offices or local language websites in other countries or regions in the future to enhance communication?  John Hawes:We are afraid we have no plans to launch multilingual website versions or publications-we are a small team and frequently produce a large amount of content, therefore, it is not economical to translate such content-we believe that English is still widely understood, and it is enough to provide information to global readers. 51cto.com Reporter: What is the impression of vb100 on various anti-virus software from China?  John Hawes:We did see many products from China join our tests and evaluations. Some use their own developed technologies, and some use engines and technologies licensed by other vendors. Some products are very reliable, the solution is well designed, and provides good security. We look forward to more Chinese companies joining our tests. [51cto.com exclusive report. Please indicate the source and author for reprinting !] Source: Workshop/

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