Exercise Time: exercise before sunset after sunrise

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If you do not pay attention to the scientific nature of fitness, you will not be able to achieve the effect of exercise. Experts pointed out that fitness should be taken before Sunday and follow the principles of safety, proper quantity, and gradual progress. Otherwise, the fitness effect may be half the effort.

In the past, many people thought that the sooner they got up, the better their health. So they often started outdoor exercises when they were not on the bright spot, many people choose to exercise at night. In fact, these two options are not scientific.

Experts believe that "towards five to nine" is when plants breathe, at this time, the high concentration of carbon dioxide in the surrounding environment is not good for health, but not before sunrise, plants can perform photosynthesis, at this time, the oxygen concentration in the air is relatively high, which can be used to supplement the oxygen consumption of the human body during exercise.

"If there is no proper method for fitness, it is tantamount to making a bet on your own health ." The people in charge of the autonomous region sports bureau told reporters that in addition to time misunderstandings, people's exercise is easy to fall into location misunderstandings. Some urban residents are restricted by the venue and often choose to exercise beside the road. However, due to the heavy traffic flow, a large amount of exhaust emissions from automobiles seriously affect the air quality, which not only cannot achieve good fitness effect, it may also cause harm to the body. Therefore, stadiums, parks, and lawns are the best places for fitness.

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