Expansion of home telecom networks and telecom networks

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Expansion of home telecom networks and telecom networks

This article is mainly for the installation and use of your home network. The first reason is that your memory is poor and you can only write it down. The second reason is that the online writing strategy is messy and not suitable for quick reading.

Introduction to telecom networks

At present, all broadband connections to China Telecom are optical fiber cables, and optical fiber cables are connected to optical cats of China Telecom. Telecom optical cat is actually a route with four LAN ports (telecom engineers use a LAN port when installing the network, known as iTV, which is used to watch TV) and has wireless functions, direct wi-fi connection. However, telecom routes are very spam, and direct wi-fi connection may cause high latency. Telecom optical cats generally occupy the network segment 192.168.1.x. Common users are useradmin and administrators are teleadmin. Some Optical cats can obtain the Administrator account and password through cracking, the Administrator account can modify parameters such as the network segment and wifi name.

In today's homes, all optical cats are installed in the network iron box and the room area is large. The optical cat wifi signal is poor, so you need to use a route to expand the network signal.

Solution 1: Routing

First, explain

China Telecom optical cat has two methods:

1.Statically allocate addresses to home routesTo statically allocate an address of 192.168.1.x to a home route, you need to set the mac address of the home route to the route Address Allocation Table of the China Telecom optical cat. You need to use teleadmin to perform the operation.
2.Dynamically allocate addresses to home routes (recommended)Telecom optical cats do not need to be set.

We recommend that you turn off the wireless function of China Telecom, which is too spam.

Home route:
1. SetOptical cat LAN portHomeWAN port of the routeUse a network cable to connect to a dynamic and static address. Set the connection type of the corresponding WAN portDynamic IP/static IPStatic IP Address: Fill in the allocated 192.168.1.x ( in the figure) to the home route.
2. Fill in the subnet mask of the home route into (modified as needed), the gateway into (optical cat address), and the preferred DNS server address is (optical cat address ).
3. Enable home RoutingDHCP FunctionAnd set the CIDR block allocated by yourself to 192.168.2. xBecause the IP address of the route is order not to conflict with the optical cat address of China Telecom.

The optical cat route has four LAN ports. In addition to the TV usage, You can theoretically set three routes to three rooms, covering all areas of the home, unless your home is a big house.

We recommend that you set the same wifi name and password for each home route and telecom optical cat, so that you do not need to enter a password and automatically switch the network according to the signal strength. However, the IP address of the device changes because the IP address ranges from 192.168.1.x, 192.168.2.x, and 192.168.3.x ......

Solution 2: Non-Routing

Let's explain it first.

Telecom optical cats do not need to be set.

Home route:
1. SetOptical cat LAN portHomeLAN port of the routeConnect with a network cable
2. Enable the wifi function of the home route and set the wifi name and password (preferably the same as that of the Light CAT ),Disable DHCPIn this case, the home route is degraded to a vswitch with the wifi function.

Note that after you turn off the home route DHCP function, you cannot enter in the browser to enter the management route interface. You can only reset it (at least tplink is like this)

Comparison between the two solutions

Solution 1,AdvantagesIs able to fully use the advanced features of the router, such as route download, traffic control and other functions.DisadvantagesWhen a device moves from one location to another, IP address switching may occur, and network applications running on the device may fail.

Solution 2,AdvantagesThe setting is simple and the IP address cannot be switched when the device moves.DisadvantagesHousehold routing becomes a vswitch, which is a waste.

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