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Perhaps the days of college dorm play DotA is gone, but you still love the game. You'll still be talking to your co-workers about the hero's skills, thinking about how the new car in the need for speed is tuned, watching the Dota2 China win, and still picking up a server and a coworker's appointment after work in late Saturday. Don't be too busy denying that even if you work overtime for six days a week, you're still active in the game community, and you can't hide the game's blood flowing in your veins.

Even into the Web 3.0 era, the forum this model because of the inherent stickiness of the game has a very high degree of activity and value. Users in order to better communication, there is still a foreign chat room and gaming community parallel, and domestic users are more through QQ group, such as instant messaging tools to communicate. Unlike instant messaging, forums and community asynchronous communication patterns allow users to make the process of communication clearer. Some content users do not need to register or login to browse access, forum and community breakdown structure can be based on the game and user demand for a reasonable division, so that the theme and content categories, the value of maximizing.

With the development of the game industry, the new game forum and community also springing up, and based on different demands, many games forum design is very complex, and some of the complexity of the forum even users can not even register the entrance to find, this is particularly unreliable. Users to the forum to browse information, communication, search for answers, the forum's user experience and the friendliness of the Forum will directly affect the viscosity and the number of visits, so, how to combine the game style, how to design the plate, how to improve the experience is the game forum design to consider things.

The domestic game forum for the moment does not watch, we look at foreign famous game community are how to design.

1. NeoGAF

NeoGAF interface is very intuitive, the typical forum UI, beautiful icons and clear description of the combination, simplicity is not simple.

2. GameSpot Forums

GameSpot is one of the largest gamers in the community, user-friendly, forum mode is also very clear and intuitive, due to the size of the site and the richness of the content, the search box is ready to help users get what they need.

3. videogamer.com

Videogamer Web design is also very intuitive, in addition to the right side of the ad, there is no redundant information and content.

4. PC Gamer Forum

PCGamer is also simple enough, although it does not look like a stylish, but the user experience is not bad.

5. Gamingforce

The forum content is rich, the dark color design lets gamingforce look very cool, the design is full.

6. GameFAQs

As the name suggests, this is a game quiz community where you can get a lot of game cheats and related code. The style is more rich in the sense of the contemporary, combined with site content, quite geek stylish.

7. Gamersbin

Gamersbin's Forum interface design is still quite pleasing, as one of the largest gaming forums, is well deserved.

8. Steam Forums

As a gamer if you don't know steam is out. According to statistics, at least one-third of steam users will be in Steam forum for a long time, visible valve factory user viscosity. If you have a problem, it's easy to get help with this question.

9. Ubisoft Forum

The old game of the Big factory Ubisoft's back garden is here, but unlike steam, here is the official Ubisoft provides technical support forum.

Battlelog Forum

Battlelog is the theme forum for Battlefield games, where users will explore everything about the battlefield, and if you are an old player in the field, it will be easy to fit in.

Battle.net Forum.

Battle.net is the blizzard's Game forum, to delve into World of Warcraft, Diablo, StarCraft and other classic games, come here will not let you down.

IGN Boards

IGN is also currently one of the hottest forums, IGN provides professional game evaluation, Forum plate classification is clear, easy access to browse.

Adventure Gamers

This is a forum on adventure games, the interface is clear and simple, forum logo design is very consistent with the forum theme.

GameDev.net Forum

GameDev Forum is a professional game development forum where you can discuss all the topics related to game development, dry goods a lot.

Indiegamer Forum

As the name suggests, this is a forum for independent game developers, where you can ask for help, publish your own independent games, and explore game development techniques.


The game community is essentially a service to gamers, the forum design needs to match the style of the game, but also to ensure that the user experience. In the website architecture, also need to mind to ensure clear, make the user feel at home. The article does not mention a lot of content, if you are a game forum designers, you need to understand the design details of these forums, and extract the essence, and according to the Chinese users of the use of the habit of reasonable optimization. Everyone is good is really good.

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