Experiments on raid and disk arrays on Dell servers

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Many people have said that after the hard disk of the array is removed from the array, the location cannot be disrupted when the array information is re-imported from the hard disk. Two Dell r710 instances were used yesterday, perform experiments on four SAS 300g HP hard drives. The experiment steps are as follows:

1. Dell r710 first uses three hard disks as RAID 5 and another disk as global hot backup

2. Install Red Hat Linux 6.5 64-bit on Dell r710

3. Clear the array information on another Dell r710.

4. Insert the four hard disks in the order of disk space

ID #

000 00: 00


002 00:02

003 (hot backup disk)

5. When the hard disk has array information, it is marked as foreign in the array card by default, and the external array information is imported.

6. Restart the server and access the system normally.

7. Clear the array information on the first r710 server array card, disrupt the hard disk space sequence, swap between 0 and 3, and change between 1 and 2

ID #

000 (hot backup disk)


002 00:01

003 00: 00

8. Import external array information and start normally

Note: RAID 5-bit plug-ins can be used normally, but after raid 6 is disordered, the system will automatically rebuild after the import, and RAID 0 and raid 10 will be faulty.


Experiments on raid and disk arrays on Dell servers

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