Explore the efficiency of RS (0) and RS (fieldname) execution

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It has been proved that accessing a recordset element by index number is more than a few times faster than the field name. Querying by strings takes more time and system resources than an integer query.
Therefore, you should be aware of the following two issues when traversing a database:
1. Use of statements of SELECT * as least as possible
When you traverse a small number of fields in a table, the SELECT * statement is inefficient, because the execution of such a statement in fact executes two queries, before executing a SELECT statement, you must first query the system table to determine the name and data type.
2. Before using the recordset RS value, you should assign it to a local variable.
This is especially true for manipulating text/memo fields.
I have found that a local variable in "read mode" is slightly faster than a new call to Rs value from a Recordset, especially when recall a recordset more than once.
Let's look at an example of an asp:
' Create a database connection.
Set rs = Conn.execute ("exec sp_getrecords")
If not rs.eof then
Do as not rs.eof

id = rs (0) ' assigns the RS value to the local variable
fname = RS (1)
LName = RS (2)

' ... Working with local variables

End If
' ... Release the variable and end the connection.
Finally, note that if you change the order of the select list in an SQL statement or stored procedure, pay special attention when assigning values.

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