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As expected, including improving brightness, saturation, wrinkles and so on, of course, but can not imagine the color of bathing suits, and even the structure will change! Although the technology is not so incredible, but the idea behind the retailer and the aesthetic, I believe it will be very curious about it. (The left is the original image, the right is the revised map)

1) Change the color of the bathing suit, 2 brightness increase, 3 the armpit fat is missing, 4 reduce the facial wrinkles; 5) Redraw the hem of the swimming trunks

1) Brow wrinkles removed, 2 waist grip removed, 3 armpit fat removed, 4 overall color adjustment – enhanced bathing suit pattern; 5) bathing Suit Sling removal

This is the same swimsuit as the first picture ... 1) Brow wrinkles removed (basic movement), 2 beautified armpit, 3 armpit beautification; 5) and painted the hem of the bathing suit again.

Clear: Remove brow wrinkles and suspenders

Remove underarm grip and frown lines

(1) The folds of the waist disappeared; 2) the armpits were gone; 3) The folds of the armpits disappeared, and 4 of the underwear/leggings that had been visible had disappeared.

The bruises on the thighs disappeared, and the tones of the abdomen were harmonized.

1 The wrinkles of the bathing suit disappeared, smoothed, and 2 the wrinkles of the brow must disappear.

The supermodel looks softer and smoother, and the strap and brow wrinkles disappear.

Leveling the sea level, it looks more level.

1 Forehead wrinkles Remove 2) abdomen smooth 3) Hair removal 4 Remove the ugly hand

1) Brow wrinkles disappear; 2 the armpit folds disappear; 3 the veins on the arms also fade 4) move the muscle structure 5) Remove the underwear.

Changed the color of the underwear

1 weaken forehead wrinkles 2) Remove Muscle Line 3) liquefied arm shape

1 Smoothing The Garment folds 2) to redraw the hem 3) smooth forehead 4 to remove armpit wrinkles

This is the commercial advertising world's aesthetic, "perfect" does not exist.

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