Extraction (export) method of bandao text that has been dyed as a plain color

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Today we are learning about text extraction.

In general, many games can be used after crass is directly used for unpacking.

(If you do not know what this is, please go here to charge the classic tutorial of galgame Chinese and galgame translation)

But we are not so red, yks with emeditor can not open, UltraEdit-32 opened is garbled


What's going on?

Because yks does not directly make text files like other games, this is a special encoding file.

What does it mean?

Let's review it first.

American Standard Information Interchange Standard Code
(American Standard Code for information interchange, ASCII)
In a computer, all data is stored and computed in binary representation (because the computer is silly, only the binary values of the 0 and 1 digits are suitable for it). Similarly, 52 letters (including uppercase letters) such as A, B, C, and D, as well as numbers such as 0, 1, and 2, as well as some common symbols (such as *, #, @, etc) when stored in a computer, the binary number is also used for representation, and the specific number used to represent which symbol, of course, everyone can agree on their own set (this is called encoding ), if you want to communicate with each other without confusion, you must use the same encoding rules. Therefore, the American Standardization Organization has introduced the so-called ASCII code, specifies which binary number is used to represent the above commonly used symbols.


For example

A = 41 (65 in decimal format)
B = 42

So when I met 41, I knew this was.ProgramSolution output

Now, you just want to read it by yourself (oh, my God ....)

Direct Reading of the binary system does not conform to people's habits.

Ultraedit provides a hex system with the nearest person


Enhi, go to the topic

For example, the master creates a code (hexadecimal) by himself)

It is determined that A1 (corresponding to 10 in decimal system 161) is a, a2 = B, A3 = c ....

The following text

A3 A4 A2 A1 corresponds to the text: cdba


The same is true if the color is red.

For example

8175 = 「

8f9f = Beijing

82bf = bytes

93a6 = escape


The hexadecimal format of the text is as follows:

「 ち つもりか !」

This is the Japanese code table conversion text method.

Whether software can be used for labor

The answer is yes.

You can also develop one by yourself.

You can also use wqsg to export (import) Text


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