F. how to configure the Pricing Process for outgoing delivery orders

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In the sales order, borrow / The corresponding pricing process can be set in loan creden、, return orders, invoices, and quotations. It is estimated that each company will use this function for slaughter. SAP People should be familiar with the condition technology, which is nothing more than the pricing process, condition type, access sequence, table, and field.

This article mainly introduces how to configure the Pricing Process for outgoing delivery orders and describes the precautions;

Specific Configuration:

1. The pricing process required for creating outgoing delivery orders

2. Allocate the pricing process to the corresponding delivery type

Although the configuration is simple, we need to pay attention to several points. Generally, when creating a sales order, the freight cannot be determined. You can use the Pricing Process of the outgoing delivery order to supplement the input freight; since it is a supplement to the price of the sales order, the "invoice amount" when the invoice is issued" = "Sales order amount" + "Outgoing delivery order amount"; to implement this function Pay attention to the following two aspects:

1. the condition type used in outgoing delivery must also exist in the sales order pricing process, for example, the condition type shown in the figure K007 This is reflected in the delivery order, therefore, condition types must also exist in the sales order Pricing Process K007 ;

2. modify" replication control " : Delivery credential to invoice issued "Price Source Field = " E "; The system standard is" null ", indicating the price in the invoice when the invoice is issued. .

"Null" indicates that the invoice amount comes from the sales order,"E "Indicates the invoice amount comes from the sales order and the outgoing delivery order. .

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