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Every two years, SEOmoz to the world's SEO experts to do the search engine ranking algorithm survey. This year, the main received the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Ukraine and Dominica and other places to reply.

Each participant assesses more than 100 factors related to search engine rankings by answering specific questions. This article represents the collective wisdom of these experts, but also to the SEO each provides a good resource.

  An overview of factors affecting search engine ranking algorithms

24% authority and credibility of the domain name

22% the number and quality of the outer chain of the page

20% Anchor text for external links

15% use of keywords on the page

7% Traffic and Ctr

6% Network Social relations indicators

5% domain registration and host data

  5 most important factors for search engine rankings

External links contain keywords anchor text 73% very Important

External link breadth (quantity and quality of external links) 71% very Important

The diversity of external link sources (with many links from different domain names) 67% is very important

It is important to use keyword 66% in the title tag

Based on the trustworthiness of the distance from the trusted domain to the Web site (for example: Trustrank,domain moztrust, etc.) 66% is very important

  5 most negative factors for search engine rankings

Intentionally or maliciously hidden cheating 68% is very important

It is important to purchase link 56% from a known link provider

Linking to a spam (Spam) site or page 51% is generally important

Hide User agent 51% generally important

Often down machine, Web site can not access 51% generally important

  The 5 most controversial factors

Using cookie detectors to cheat 16.3% strongly disputed

Using javascript/rich media to support detector cheating 15.4% moderate controversy

Use background color to hide text 15.3% medium controversy

Hide cheating via IP address 11.5% moderate dispute (cloaking by IP addresses)

By detecting the client (user-agent) cheat 15.2% moderate controversy

Source: Reader contribution-factors affecting search engine Rankings-2009 (Overview)

Source: Search Engine Ranking Factors 2009

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