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In real life, we all know that many people want to or have set up their own small local area network, the family network is an economic convenience, it is not only convenient for the exchange of data, but also significantly reduce the post PC investment. File sharing allows you to access another machine's documentation on one machine, and family members playing online games. The following article is for you to explain in detail

Well, perhaps someone has to ask, how to build a home network? Can it be complicated? In view of this, we combine the graph to introduce the three basic methods of the family networking, hope to bring help to everyone.

One, Simple home network

Group Network structure diagram

We propose the following two kinds of construction methods for the characteristics of wired home network.

Two computers:

If a family has only two computers, a direct cable connection is usually used. The cable is divided into several kinds, one is twisted-pair cable, the other is parallel cable, and there is the serial cable.

Now most of them use twisted pair, and the following devices are required:

• Two Ethernet cards, preferably now the mainstream 10/100mbps Fast Ethernet card;

• A jump (1-3,2-6 jumper method) of more than five pairs of twisted-pair, but the longest distance is limited to 100 meters. The network cable connecting the broadband terminal equipment has been purchased.

Hardware settings:

Use "Direct Cable Connection", the distance between the two machines can not be too far, generally to a room limit, because the length of cable line is limited, too long inconvenient. Next, it is a critical step to insert both ends of the serial/parallel cable into the serial/parallel mouth of the two machines, as shown in the following illustration:

Serial/Parallel cable couplet table

Software Settings:

The first step: Select one as the host, click on Windows "Start" → "program" → "Attachment" → "Communication" → "Direct Cable Connection", this will pop up the Setup Wizard, select the Host option button;

Step two: The computer will automatically detect the available and serial ports, select the desired port, and then follow the instructions.

Step three: Repeat the above steps on the client, and note that the client button is selected in the Setup wizard. This makes the connection between the two computers complete, and when you need to connect to transfer data, follow these steps:

(1): Open the host in the "Start" → "program" → "Attachment" → "Communications" → "Direct Cable Connection", click "Listening."

(2): Open the client "start" → "program" → "Attachment" → "Communication" → "Direct Cable Connection", click "Connection".

In this way, the two machines can access the shared folder and data transfer.

What if you need to change the relationship between the host and the passenger plane? Then you need to reset it. As usual, click on the host or client to run "start" → "program" → "Attachment" → "Communication" → "Direct Cable Connection", click the Change button to eject the Direct Cable Connection wizard, and then redefine the relationship of the main airliner by referring to the previous setup process.


In fact, this is not strictly the "network", but because there is no need to buy new equipment, to spend the least money to achieve the greatest benefits, is the most economical and convenient way to connect the two machines. However, this method is not without drawbacks, the specific performance in the two-machine visits need to frequently reset the host customer relationship, in addition, the data transmission rate is slow, only suitable for dual-computer exchange data or simple computer games.

Finally, directly connected with broadband equipment as a gateway (or proxy) server, install the corresponding gateway (or proxy) server software, such as Sygate, Wingate and other software, and then the corresponding configuration, you can achieve a gateway or proxy server-type broadband sharing.

Three computers:

The above is not using the network connection equipment method, to achieve broadband access sharing, it is best to connect the corresponding broadband terminal equipment, such as ADSL ADSL MODEM,CM cable modem, the current mainstream of these two modems are Ethernet interface, so also need to connect with the network card, This will also require the installation of more than one NIC in one of the computers. In this configuration, there are often several specific shared scenarios. Here we subdivide two main solutions, one is no need for any hub devices, that is, without hubs and switches, simply through the network card to achieve the interconnection of three computers. Another scenario we'll mention later.

The equipment required for the previous programme is as follows:

• 5 block 10/100mbps Ethernet card (one for broadband connection).

• 2 (1-3,2-6 jumper method) of more than five twisted pair, but the maximum distance is 100 meters. The same cable that connects the broadband terminal equipment has been purchased.

The implementation of a dual network connection, in fact, is in one of the computers installed dual network card, as a "Network Bridge" (that is, "bridge"), both of these cards are used for LAN connections, not to connect to other computers, and broadband is connected to another computer via an Ethernet card to achieve sharing. Its hardware settings, software settings ibid.

Summing up this approach, we can find that it has two very obvious advantages, one is the simple connection, and the second is very small investment. Of course, its disadvantage is that there must be a host to do the server, other machines to the Internet, the server must be powered on.

Second, use a router or switch or hub (choose one)

Group Network structure diagram

When there are more than 3 shared computers (typically multiple home sharing), we recommend that you take the following:

1. Router scheme

This scheme refers to only through broadband routers, because the current broadband router provides a switching port is basically 4, so the maximum can only connect 4 PCs, so this sharing scheme is only applicable to 4 computers.

The required equipment is as follows:

• 4 block 10/100mbps Ethernet card (broadband device directly connected to the WAN port of broadband router);

• Broadband routers with more than 4 ports

• More than 5 straight twisted pairs of five, each length limit of 100 meters (the original purchase of broadband equipment provided by the crossover, only for direct connection with the computer, can not be used with the switch or router direct connection).

In this scheme, there is no need for a single computer for a long time to open, when users need to surf the internet, just open the router to access the Internet, very convenient.

After a good network connection, you can directly enter the router's default IP address and user account, password (usually, user account and password are usually "admin") in the browser, you can see the router's manual, and then configure the router protocols in the Web interface to add users ( Can use the router's DHCP service to automatically assign IP addresses); If you are a PPPoE virtual dial-up user, you can also configure the router's PPPoE protocol so that it can dial automatically or manually, instead of the computer user dialing directly. The configuration of various user access rights can also be configured in a router through the Web configuration interface, thereby implementing the "proxy" sharing feature.

2. Hub + Router scheme

If there are more than 4 users, mostly multiple households or small business shares, because the broadband router has only 4 switched LAN ports, it requires a subset of the users to connect to the hub, and then connect to the router LAN port using straight-through twisted-pair cables. The required equipment is as follows:

n block (corresponding user number) 10/100mbps Ethernet card;

• Desktop-type hubs;

• Broadband routers with 4 switching ports;

n+1 more than five straight-through twisted-pair lines, one for broadband devices and routers connection. 1 more than five crossed twisted pairs of wire, for the general terminal of the hub and the router's ordinary port connection, if the use of the hub of the uplink port and the router to connect the normal port, you need a straight-through five or more twisted-pair lines, without crossing the line.

Similarly, in this scenario, when users need to surf the internet, just open the router, connect the top wire, you can easily access the Internet, very convenient.

3. Hub + (Router) + switch scheme

If the number of users, such as Internet cafes or medium-sized enterprises, and so on, the switch will be adopted. If you think that there is no need to use routing sharing, there is no need to buy broadband routers, at this time can be a hub or switch centralized connection, with one of the best performance, connected to a convenient computer to serve as a gateway server or proxy server, Through proxy server software for each user to configure specific access rights and Internet applications, gateway-type can not be configured access rights. The equipment required for such a programme is as follows:

• Desktop hub or switch;

n Block 10/100mbps Ethernet card;

N (user number) + 1 more than five straight twisted pair, one of the broadband devices is connected to a hub or switch because the network cable provided for the purchase of a broadband device is only available for direct connection to the computer, not a crossover line, and cannot be used on a normal port connecting a switch or hub.

Of course, broadband terminal devices can also be connected directly to a computer that serves as a gateway or proxy server by installing two network cards on one of the computers.

Advantages: Each machine can be the Internet alone, no server trouble

Disadvantage: need to acquire certain hardware equipment. Stability is affected by intermediate devices.

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple computer tutorial section, triple Computer office group: 189034526 welcome you to join

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