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Commercial today, advertising is full of our lives. In the Internet world, is also full of a variety of advertising, one of the most popular when it is banner advertising bar.

Psychology has a cloud, human development and external stimuli are closely related to the human brain at all times in the cognitive field to respond to stimuli, and advertising as a stimulus, is no exception. This article is to analyze the advertisement from the psychology angle, through the analysis of the impact of advertising on the psychological level of the audience, put forward suggestions: what kind of advertising, how to adopt the method of expression, not only can achieve the expected effect of advertisers, but also meet the audience aesthetic standards, adapt to cognitive fluency and enhance the audience experience.

According to the process of human psychological cognition, the awareness of the stimulus-advertising, including the following steps: First, the presentation of advertising (stimulus) will cause people's unintentional attention, unintentional attention means that there is no predetermined purpose in advance, do not need to make the effort to pay attention; second, if the ads meet the needs of people interested, You can enter the second stage of the psychological response, which is unintentional attention to change into intentional attention, and then, after intentional attention, the information will continue to be in the memory and thinking stage of deep processing, resulting in memory, imagery and association, this stage if the use of appropriate skills to design advertising profiles and writing, Help to persuade consumers to increase the recognition of advertising; The final stage is the emotional response of people through information processing and the final decision to decide whether to make the action of clicking Ads.

Did not expect a small ad in an instant through the brain, there is such a complex process? In fact, the human brain has a very strong organizational, cognitive process seems to be complex but very stable and methodical. So let's start this wonderful cognitive journey together.

Advertising psychology contains the following processes: Unintentional attention → deliberate attention → enhance the effect of persuasion (memory and reproduction, imagery and association) → Emotion and decision-making. As shown in the following diagram, this article starts with the first step (unintentional attention):

On the Web page advertising banner How to preemptive, through unintentional attention hold people eyeball?

Cause unintentional attention to have two conditions: first, the characteristics of stimuli, one is the main state. We can design banner by improving the characteristics of stimuli to make ads stand out from plain pages.

First, the characteristics of stimuli include three aspects: the intensity of stimuli, the contrast between stimuli, the activity of stimuli and the neo-heterosexual.

1, the intensity of the stimulus

Performance in banner design, mainly include: Key font size Large + bold, focus on font color eye-catching, strengthen the key content.

(1) Key font size Large + bold: Emphasis on the number 50 and 80

Before modification:

After modification:

(2) Key font color eye-catching: The whole city is in love with people's eyes

Before modification:

After modification:

(3) Strengthen the key content: Spring Festival as the main content should be at a glance

Before modification:

After modification:

2. Contrast between stimuli

In the design, background saturation and brightness is low and background is simple

(1) Background saturation and low brightness

In order to highlight the focus of the banner in the important position to choose a higher saturation color, resulting in a clear visual center, and in order not to interfere with the user's reading, background color is recommended to use saturation and low brightness color, highlighting the focus to avoid visual fatigue.

Before modification: After modification:

(2) Simple background

The simple background can contrast the content that wants to express, make the whole banner primary and secondary trenchant.

Before modification: After modification:

3. Activity changes of stimuli and the new heterosexual:

(1) Sports Advertising (advertising split-frame presentation)

By framing the elements in an ad, you can capture attention, improve memory scores, create more aggressive advertising attitudes, and a higher willingness to click.

(2) visual cues (arrows, fingers, eyes)

Curiosity is human nature, people tend to follow other people's eyes, arrows, or any visual clues. If someone is looking at something, or pointing a direction with a finger or an arrow, we will follow the past to see if you are not consciously following, but in fact we are always wondering "what's going on?"

The following is a very famous baby visual image of the usable World website to guide the attention of the test. When the baby is present, the eye's attention is on the baby's face (the red area is the area with the longest eye focus), but the attention of the product is relatively few; however, when the baby sideways use the attention of the product introduction, the person's eyes will be transferred, from all before the face transferred to the product introduction.

(3) Portrait of the person.

Humans have been fond of looking at faces from infancy, a phenomenon called face preference and this phenomenon has an important social significance, so human recognition of faces is of special priority. When a picture presents faces and other things, the face is given priority attention and is processed and identified.

Still taking pictures of baby visual cues as an example, it can be found that regardless of the image of the baby in any position, the face is a priority to be noted and processed areas (the red part of the area of attention for the longest time).

Second, the subject state will also affect the site advertising effect, including the need for interest and knowledge experience.

1. Needs and interests

When a user browses to a Web page, if the page presents an advertisement related to one's own needs and interests, users can easily be attracted to the relevant ads and create clicks; In addition, users surf the Internet more or less have their own interests and goals, so put ads on its advertising content related to the page, it is easier to capture the user's eyes. Needs and interest in the use of some excellent user positioning technology, such as through the use of Baidu's search and repeat customer technology positioning, the user's interest needs and Baidu advertising match.

2. Knowledge Experience

In addition, the external things that appear before us can become our object of attention, whether it is related to our knowledge and experience, and to what extent we can understand or understand. Therefore, it is a wise choice to design different advertisements for consumers with different cultural backgrounds and knowledge levels.

There is a difference between Chinese and English reading habits, which results in different structure composition.

Chinese version: English version:

Generally speaking, when subjective and objective conditions are also available, unintentional attention is the easiest to produce. Need to emphasize is: Banner advertising image quality promotion and promotion of conversion rate has always been the pursuit of two sides, both hands to grasp both hands to hard. But there are some points, such as the ease of access to information and vivid pictures of the need for a certain degree of compromise and balance. First of all, to ensure that the face of massive information on the Web page, the promotion of banner can capture the attention of users, information access is more obvious and quick, bring higher promotion conversion rate, picture quality is second. Of course, in order to ensure the convenient access to information, promote the promotion of conversion rates at the same time, enhance the visual aesthetic effect of banner, so that users have a better picture of the visual experience, but also our continuous efforts and explore the goal. I would also like to ask you to make some comments.

PS: Thank 冉苒 students to provide a wealth of high-quality materials, no she would not have the birth of this article. Thank you!

Author: Shangshang

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