Farewell To object-oriented

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Object-oriented companies claim that they have brought revolutionary progress, but they have not.

It doesn't mean that Object-oriented has no effect, but that the role of language in development is not as high as imagined. In development, in addition to language, management, and even interpersonal relationships, these are not covered by object-oriented, that is, no matter how many objects are oriented, its role is only a small part of the development project.

Object-oriented is a set of APIs and statuses, and there are differences between external interfaces and internal implementations, which can reduce the complexity of third-party calls.

One of the basic theories of computers is the state machine, that is, migrating a State to another State. Objects perfectly correspond to this basic theory, so they are efficient. However, it has recently been found that the status is too complex, making it difficult to improve the degree of parallelism. Therefore, the concept of function programming has emerged.

Modern Languages focus on computer hardware rather than human beings. However, with the complexity of the problem, humans become the weak sides of Human-Machine relationships, and human intelligence is limited, this is also a problem to be solved in the current language.

In a good language, it is impossible to achieve a large project with the power of a person. Only a large numberProgramLibrary to help, in order to truly achieve efficient development. Therefore, the power of language is limited, and the focus of program development is to select a group of powerful libraries as the technical basis. Therefore, the ability of the language itself to implement transactions may not be too important. What is important is that the language can constitute the potential capabilities of a complete library.

Easy to build, easy to deploy, easy to express, easy to modify, and continuous technical support processes are the direction of future language systems.

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