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Quick Wireless router settings (Detailed settings)

Physical connection of a device

The Wired connection computer connects the router's LAN port, and the network cable connects the router's WAN port, and the wireless connection is connected to the router through the wireless function after the router is set up. (pictured below)

Second, establish the correct network settings

2.1 Set the IP address of the computer. Right-click on "My Network Neighborhood"-"properties" (pictured below)

"Local Area Connection"--"properties" (pictured below)

Click "Properties" after clicking TCP/IP in the following figure

Set the IP address to "Get IP address automatically" as shown in the following illustration

The 2.2 test order checks to see if there is connectivity between your computer and the router. Click "Start"-"Run"-"Enter cmd" click OK. Entering Ping in the Open CMD window shows the following results. The description is nearly connected to the router.

Third, set up the router

Open IE browser to enter the router's address:, you will see the following picture shows the login interface. You need to be logged on as a system administrator by entering a username and password (the factory setting for the username and password is admin) in the login interface, and then clicking the OK button.

If the username and password are correct, the browser will display an administrator-mode screen, and a Setup Wizard page with the following image will pop up (if it doesn't pop up, you can activate it by clicking the Wizard menu on the left of the admin mode screen).

The main screen after logging on to the router can be set manually by clicking the Setup Wizard

Click Next to go to the Internet to select the screen. Here we demonstrate the way the PPPoE dial-up Internet is used by average home users. Specific according to your actual situation.

Enter the user name and password for the broadband Internet connection provided by your ISP in the following illustration.

When the settings are complete, click Next, and you will see the basic wireless network parameter Settings page as shown in the following figure.

Wireless status: Turn on or off the wireless function of the router.

SSID: Set any string to indicate your wireless network.

Channel: Set up your router's wireless signal frequency band, recommends that you use 1, 6, 11 frequency bands.

Mode: Set your router's wireless operating mode, and recommend that you use the 11BGN mixed mode.

Band Bandwidth: Set the wireless data transmission of the use of the channel width, available options: 20M, 40M and automatic.

Maximum Send rate: Sets the maximum send rate for your router's wireless network.

Turn off wireless security: Turn off wireless security, which means that your router's wireless network is not encrypted.

WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK: Your router wireless network encryption method, if selected, please enter the password you want to set in the PSK password, the password requires 64 hexadecimal characters or 8-63 ASCII characters.

Do not modify wireless security settings: Select the key, the wireless security option will keep the parameters you set last. If you have never changed your wireless security settings, you will leave the factory default setting to turn off wireless security when you select the item.

When the settings are complete, click Next, and if you change the wireless settings, the Setup Wizard, shown in the following illustration, completes the interface and clicks Restart to make the wireless settings take effect.

If you do not change your wireless settings, the Setup Wizard, which appears as shown in the following illustration, completes the interface and clicks Finish the Setup wizard.

The point to note here is that the channel bandwidth settings mentioned above are only for network devices that support IEEE 802.11n protocols, and this setting does not take effect for devices that do not support IEEE 802.11n protocols.

Quick Wireless Router setup (easy setting)

The network cable and modem connection, and then the modem in the two crystal head of the network cable A even the modem a route, notebook wireless open, and then your notebook will receive a fast start of the wireless signal, click on this signal connection. Then open the browser input into the Routing settings interface:

Next, open the browser, in the Address bar to enter the address of the wireless network node, such as, read the instructions after the Wireless network node management password, the correct input can enter the wireless network node management interface. For a new router that is not set up, some also appear with the Setup Wizard (Setup Wizard). In such as the page named connection configuration, we can select the type of broadband network, General ADSL selected via PPP over Ethernet, and cable or FTTB select via DHCP, if the ISP needs to enter a username and password, We can enter at the appropriate position below and set the timeout to around 120s. We can then set the wireless router's Essid defaults to WLAN, and do not forget to click the Save button when the settings are complete.

If the wireless router also needs to connect the 100/10m wired network for use as a wired router, then we need to further setup. The system IP Configuration configuration Interface, under options such as IP/DHCP, will be set to enable when DHCP is configured so that once the TCP/IP properties of the user's wired network card and the wireless network card are set to automatically obtain an IP address, the wireless router can get a IP address. As for the DNS IP address, you can query the local ISP, generally do not set also can.

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