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1, the use of broadband routers to share the Internet frequent drop line

Computer malfunction: A local network of 4 computers shared ADSL via a broadband router, where a computer recently appeared disconnected and automatically reset every once in a while.

Computer Failure Repair: To connect the network is only a timed break, indicating that the problem or in the broadband router itself, such as stability, settings, etc., you can follow the following ideas or methods to troubleshoot.

1 Check whether because the local area network often people use BT software download materials. In a shared network this is a big problem that affects speed.

2 to the router's system log check, through the error information analysis to see if you can find the reason, or in the router "WAN settings" select "On-Demand Connection", and then set the automatic disconnection wait time for 0 minutes.

3 the router back to the factory default settings, and then enter the password to reconfigure once (other settings do not move first).

4 to the official router website to find the latest upgrades and patches related to this product.

Problem Summary: The continuous restart of network equipment is more common, the problem may also come from many aspects. To troubleshoot such problems should be careful, bold enough to consider some of the source of the problem.

2, unable to log on to the Broadband Router Settings page

Failure phenomenon: Want to use broadband router for sharing Internet settings, why not enter the management interface?

Failure Repair: If you have successfully entered the Setup interface before, first check the hardware connection between the broadband router and the computer, such as whether the LEDs on the corresponding LAN port of the network card and router are blinking normally; then check if there is a software firewall in the system, then close it, and then view the network properties of the NIC, To view the router instructions, if the DHCP service is turned on by default, set the NIC to "automatically obtain IP address", or you must set the native address to the same network segment as the broadband router, and then set the gateway address to the router's default IP address.

Because the general broadband router provides Web management, open the Internet Options dialog box, select the Connection tab, and if you have ever created a connection, check the "Never Dial connection" option, and then click LAN Settings to clear all options. Through the comprehensive use of the above maintenance methods, it should be able to repair the problem.

Summary of the problem: the inability to access the broadband router management interface to set up the problem, is also very common. On the one hand, carefully read the product manual, enter the correct router default address, on the other hand should see the broadband router and the computer is properly connected. This can guarantee the normal access to the broadband router management interface.

  3, the use of broadband routers after the internet slows down

Failure phenomenon: There are two computers to share the Internet, so installed a broadband router, but even if only a computer in the Internet, speed is very slow, this is what reason?

Failure Repair: This is not really a fault. Through the broadband router share the Internet, will make the speed of the Internet has a certain loss, this is not to avoid. However, you can minimize this loss by changing the router's MTU value:

The MTU value means the largest packet, in bytes, that is transmitted over the network. Different access mode, MTU value is not the same, if the value is too large will produce a lot of data packet fragmentation, increase packet loss rate, reduce network speed. Commonly used broadband PPPoE connection, the maximum MTU value of 1492, maintenance is the MAXMTU value in the registry gradually lowered, until the network is the most normal. The location of the MAXMTU in the registry is:

Hkey_local_machinesystemcurrentcontrolsetservicessnettrans0yy, the key name is "Maxmtu", where "yy" is the gateway to TCP/IP, depending on the settings, Generally between 00 to 30.

So how do you determine if an MTU value is the best fit? Enter the DOS environment and enter the following command line:

Ping-f-L 1492

Tip: Where "" is the IP address of the gateway, 1492 is the length of the packet, and the parameter "-l" is lowercase L. If the following message appears: Packet needs to is fragmented but DF set, that indicates that the MTU value is too large.

If it appears: Reply from time<10ms ttl=128 indicates that this MTU value is feasible, but it is recommended to try several more to find the best value.

Summary: This is also a small disadvantage of using broadband routers to surf the internet. Through the measurement of the speed of the network, the ADSL access to the computer between the installation of broadband routers, in the case of multiple computers at the same time online, due to routers in address resolution, routing and other aspects of the delay, the actual arrival of the computer speed than single machine directly connected to the ADSL line is slightly slower

  4, connect the broadband router can not dial

Failure phenomenon: Through a server as a proxy sharing ADSL Internet, dialing has been normal; After installing the broadband router, you cannot dial.

Failure Repair: According to the phenomenon, just buy back the product hardware should be no problem, most of the problems in the router's software settings. Can find the product specification of the router, according to its default IP address to enter the configuration interface, because the use of ADSL dial-up Internet, so the network protocol should choose the PPPoE method; the ADSL username and password obtained from the ISP must be filled in. Then enable the DHCP service, The goal is to have routers automatically assign IP addresses and DNS information to clients that are connected to them. After these steps are configured to dial again, generally can repair problems.

In addition, the current broadband routers generally have the function of automatic dialing, if there is a problem with manual dialing, you can in the router in accordance with the configuration of the previous settings, you can network all the computer on the online, no need to dial.

Summary of the problem: from this example, we can see that the broadband router problems are mostly from software configuration.

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