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After learning for a while, I haven't gone into depth yet. I just learned a little about it. Based on what I learned, I can refer to other CodeA file browsing tool is used: 1. use of the caknsinglegrpahicstylelistbox list box 2. how to get the drive: 3. How to get the file list under a directory. events that dynamically change CBA buttons 4. use of caknform 5. change the text in the title bar. 6. the descriptor is used for checking and obtaining help. below is ProgramFunction 1. list box shows directory 2. select a directory and press the OK button to go to the directory and list the files under the directory. 3. select a file to display the file name, file size, and creation time in the form of aknform. 4. right-click to exit aknform5. when the directory or file is displayed, right-click to return to the upper-level, not familiar with Symbian development. The user-defined function forgot to add "L" to the directory. Unsolved Issues: 1. I do not know how to write the code to close aknform, without the cba2. it seems that the time to get the file does not get the date if anyone knows, please leave a message to tell me, Thank you:

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