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yesterday did springmvc file upload download function encountered a lot of problems. One of the problems is that the TXT CSS JS HTML XML PDF and so on when the file download browser (HTML5 's a tag download property is not supported by all browsers) is opened directly, rather than download save. There are a lot of ways to solve this online, and I'm just integrating here and being a mark.

Scene is a URL, the boss reminds me to use the background access to the URL to get file flow foreground to handle. Probably this process code is as follows:

Front-end JS section, reference

Get the stitching string
function getfjinfo (name, URL) {
	return ' <tr><td style= ' ><a  href= ' javascript: void (0) ' onclick= ' Getdownfile (\ "" + URL + "\", \ "" + name + "\") ' > "+ name +" </a></td></tr> "
  //File Download
function getdownfile (URL, name) {
	var param = {
		"url": URL
	$.ajax ({
		url:contextpath + '/product-label/file2stream ',
		type: ' GET ',
		data:Base64.encode ( Json.encode (param)),
		dataType: "Text",
		success:function (data) {
			downloadFile (name, data)
Stream processing triggers the Download event
function downloadFile (fileName, content) {
	var aLink = document.createelement (' a ');
	var blob = new blob ([content]);
	var evt = document.createevent ("mouseevents");
	Evt.initmouseevent ("Click", True, false, window, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, False, False, False, FALSE, 0, null); = FileName;
	Alink.href = Url.createobjecturl (BLOB);
	Alink.dispatchevent (evt)

Background controller processing, reference

/** * Returns the stream * * @param requestmap Request parameter * @param response returns the object */@RequestMapping (value = "/fil E2stream ", method = requestmethod.get) public void File2stream (@Json map<string, object> Requestmap, HttpServlet
            Response Response) {try {String url = string.valueof (requestmap.get ("url"));
            url url =new url (string.valueof (requestmap.get ("url"));
            InputStream iStream = getfilestream (URL);
            OutputStream stream = Response.getoutputstream ();
            Stream.Write (Streamutils.getbytes (IStream));
            Stream.flush ();
        Stream.Close (); } catch (Exception e) {log.error ("Productsalesrecommendcontroller.file2stream error |
        ({}) ", E);  }}/** * HttpURLConnection get the file stream of the network path * * @param URL link * @return InputStream * @throws IOException */private inputstream getfilestream (url url) throws IOException {HttpurlconNection conn = (httpurlconnection) url.openconnection ();
        Conn.setconnecttimeout (5 * 1000);
        Conn.setrequestmethod ("GET");
        InputStream instream = Conn.getinputstream ();
    return instream; }/** * HttpClient get the file stream of the network path * * @param URL link String * @return InputStream * @throws illegalst Ateexception * @throws IOException */Private InputStream getfilestream (String url) throws Illegalstateexcep
        tion, IOException {httpparams httpparams = new Basichttpparams (); Httpconnectionparams.setconnectiontimeout (Httpparams, 5000); Set the connection timeout to 5 seconds HttpClient client = new Defaulthttpclient (httpparams); Generate an HTTP client send Request object HttpResponse HttpResponse = Client.execute (new HttpGet (URL)); Send the request and wait for the response httpentity entity = httpresponse.getentity ();
        Get the content inside the response InputStream instream = Entity.getcontent ();
    return instream; }

Let's do it first. The boss says there's more on the big one. Let's see it sometime.

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