Find out the current salary details for each department (to_date= ' 9999-01-01 ') and its corresponding department number Dept_no

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Topic Description Find all Departments current (to_date= ' 9999-01-01 ') leadership current salary details and their corresponding department number Dept_no

CREATE TABLE ' Dept_manager ' (
' Dept_no ' char (4) NOT NULL,
' emp_no ' int (one) not null,
' from_date ' date not NULL ,
' to_date ' date not NULL,
PRIMARY KEY (' emp_no ', ' dept_no '));
CREATE TABLE ' salaries ' (
' emp_no ' int (one) not null,
' salary ' int (one) not null,
' from_date ' date not NULL,
   ' to_date ' date not NULL,
PRIMARY KEY (' emp_no ', ' from_date '));

Enter a description:
Output Description:
Emp_no Salary from_date to_date Dept_no
10002 72527 2001-08-02 9999-01-01 d001
10004 74057 2001-11-27 9999-01-01 d004
10005 94692 2001-09-09 9999-01-01 d003
10006 43311 2001-08-02 9999-01-01 d002
10010 94409 2001-11-23 9999-01-01 d006
Example 1 input

This problem needs to be examined carefully, with the following considerations. The table is a two-table association table, but the elements cannot be repeated, and you need to salaries the table's field order, all the fields in the table, and the department number the employee number of the table-emp_no is incremented sequentially, so you need to place the salaries table in the front

Select S.*,d.dept_no from
salaries as s,dept_manager as D
where s.to_date= "9999-01-01" and
  d.to_date= " 9999-01-01 "and
  d.emp_no = S.emp_no

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