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Web developers are increasingly inseparable from Firefox. Despite the recent version storm, we have more and more questions about Firefox. However, the size of Firefox in developers is not replaced by other browsers. This article introduces 25 Firefox 4 extensions for developers.

1. Fire FTP

Fireftp is a cross-platform client software on Firefox that supports FTP/SFTP. Other features include: Synchronous directory, support for SSL encryption, search and filtering, integrity verification, remote editing, drag and drop, and so on.


2. ie Tab 2

And ie Tab
Similarly, ie Tab 2 supports Displaying Multiple webpages in one Firefox tab. Supports Firefox 3.6.


3. editcss

You can directly modify the webpage style in the browser sidebar.


4. View Source chart

Allows you to quickly view the DOM model of a page.


5. Verify ify

Verify ify can be used to better simulate the Firefox mobile user interface.


6. firebug

Needless to say, this is the most powerful Developer Suite of Firefox. Many people use the Firefox browser only because of it.


7. codeburner for firebug

Codeburner integrates firebug and provides reference materials for HTML and CSS. The core functions are concentrated on the new panel and include a search tool for searching HTML elements and CSS attributes.


8. firepicker for firebug

When we edit CSS rules in firebug, it can add a color selection dialog box. Click the color value in the drop-down box to generate a color selection dialog box. You can directly modify the color value in the style.


9. Adobe browserlab for firebug

Log on to Adobe browserlab directly from firebug to preview temporary changes when using firebug. Browserlab can generate pages in multiple browsers.


10. firepath for firebug

Firepath is an extension of firebug. It has been added with development tools that allow you to edit, monitor, and generate XPath 1.0 expressions, CSS 3 delimiters, and jquery delimiters.


11. foxyproxy Standard

Foxyproxy is an advanced agent management tool that can be used to replace the built-in agent functions of Firefox.


12. html5toggle

Add a button to the plug-in to enable and disable HTML5 support from Firefox 4.


13. Total validator

Brand new HTML5 and xhtml5 verification plug-ins. Used to check whether your webpage complies with W3C specifications.


14. eagle2

Is a javascript console used to display JS errors and CSS errors.


15. screenshot pimp

Web plug-in


16. imacros for Firefox

Imacros is used to quickly enter the form data and remember the password. It is equivalent to saving your operations as a macro and performing these operations again in the next time.


17. html 5 validator

Add a menu item for HTML 5 Verification in the webpage context menu


18. Web Developer

The Web Developer extension adds common development tools for Web developers, as shown in:


19. CSS reloader

CSS reloader supports Firefox and chrome and can be used to reload all CSS files.


20. Mobile Toolkit

Mobiletoolkit is used to verify the webpage execution effect on various mobile phone simulators.


21. yslow

Yslow is a page scoring plug-in developed by Yahoo USA. It is very good. We can see many shortcomings on our pages, and we can know how to improve and optimize our changes.


22. measureit

Used to draw a webpage ruler to check the page width, height, and alignment


23. Selenium ide

Selenium IDE is
The integrated development environment of scripts.


24. colorzilla

Advanced straw, color filter, page scaling, and other color application features.

Use colorzilla
You can read the color value from any point in the browser, adjust the color quickly, and paste it to other applications. You can scale the distance between any two points on the view page or measurement page. Built-in palette Browser allows
You can select a color from a predefined color set or save the most frequently used color to a custom color palette. Dom detection allows you to quickly and easily obtain information about Dom
Information of the element. More features


25. firephp

Is Firefox
But it can help you debug the backend PHP program. It sounds amazing, right? In fact, the technology used and some ide
Similarly, you are required to add some tracing code when writing a program. By using firephp, you can view the data to be debugged in the firebug console bar without affecting the PHP program.
So it is very helpful for Ajax development!


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