First 3D Game-Battlefield 3, Call of Duty 8: Modern War 3, crysis 2: Islands Crisis 2

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Battlefield 3's image effects and character rendering are not as good as the Call of Duty 8. However, the plot of Battlefield 3 is very good, while the plot design of Call of Duty is based on several characters, and the plot is very compact.

The island crisis is not a good story, and I don't like aliens either. The city in this story is an isolated island, an isolated city in the new Batman dark rise.

Island crisis 2 is designed for NVIDIA graphics card optimization, with good physical performance. Based on my 3 sets of Platform Testing, 16 GB in amd A6-3500/DDR3-1600 is very smooth in operation, but in some load phase there are choppy and sound choppy, CPU frequency is the bottleneck. This issue is not found in my Xeon E3 1230/DDR3-1600 16 GB/nvidia gtx 480, the game is running green on a USB flash drive, and is not found in the alienware gt335 environment.

Waiting for the listing of Call of Duty 9

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