First time maintenance Logitech Wireless Mouse

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first time maintenance Logitech Wireless Mouse

The title is in accordance with the format of the primary school composition

Logitech M185 Wireless Mouse bought from Z, used for nearly 2 years, during the fall several times, now can only be used to move, severe symptoms:

    • Click on double-tap or even three-click, right-click Random Popup
    • Click often failure, drag and drop often stall

As a mouse flow I really can not endure, dead horse when live horse medicine, open to see, big deal for new
Because there is no camera, the disassembly diagram comes from the network

    1. There are several clips inside the shell, Push it back and you can open it. Logitech's molds are bull
    2. " > There's 2 or 3 clips next to the board, and it's coming down with a loose look. BR style= "Clear:both;" >
    3. Look, there is nothing to clean, the mouse anti-fouling is quite good.
    4. the key steps, Micro-action cleanup:
    • After observation, the micro-motion around two small clips, stabbed a put on the cover do not open. A small white switch and copper sheet flew out, rub!
    • The copper plate has a contact point, a little black oxidation, resulting in poor contact. With white paper, to the contact point, friction ≈ friction ≈ friction ...
    • After cleaning up, installation is a bit of a bother. Because when the demolition flew out, did not see clearly how to put on the top. Fortunately there is network guidance. Installation structure
    • Micro-moving metal plate has 2 places to buckle, the installation sequence is: The end of the metal plate (picture 1), and then the metal sheet from the outside to tighten the inner, the period of pressure to the point 2. After the copper plate moved a good position, and then with a knife to press the point 2 position, buckle the copper plate on it.
    • After installation, you can press the deduction point 1, 2, if the installation is good, the copper has been buckle well, will not move, press down will have a micro-action crisp sound. No sound is a problem!
    • Last step, put the lid on. The direction can not be mistaken, the white switch should be to the tail, or the metal buckle to the pressure bend! Why do I know?? Because I've done it! The white switch is easy to fall off, placed well, the circuit board in turn to the buckle can be, anyway, copper has been buckle, will not fall
    • The rest is ready.

Reference: Digital Home > Demolition Park

First time maintenance Logitech Wireless Mouse

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