Five steps from a migrant worker to an entrepreneur

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Countless migrant workers dream of being able to start their own company one day at a time. It always feels that he has the right skills or the right entrepreneurial ideas to enter a field and build a successful career. But, these people are still just in the head of the fantasy, they have not really put into action to start the pursuit of their entrepreneurial ideas. Why is this?

If you have an idea that you can start a business without really letting go, why is it slowing you down?

For many aspiring entrepreneurs, the lack of a blueprint for starting a project that can generate a company makes them difficult. Most people don't even know how to take the first step, and the rest of them are unsure whether the career is what they want.

The infographic below is designed to take you through the process of transforming an employee into an entrepreneur. Use it as a guideline to test your entrepreneurial ideas and find out if entrepreneurship is the right way to go.

Five steps across the door of the company (resignation)

– How to transform from an employee into an entrepreneur –

Ready to resign and start the company? Wait!

The Entrepreneur College (founder Institute) encourages aspiring prospective entrepreneurs to assess their goals and validate their entrepreneurial ideas in the real world before resigning.

The first step-do you see it as your career?

Entrepreneurship is a career and lifestyle choice. So please make sure that your starting point is correct. It is unlikely that the pursuit of money and Power will lead to success.

A good starting point for becoming an entrepreneur
    • You're passionate about solving an important problem.
    • You have a unique market knowledge of how to solve the problem
    • You want to change the world
Please ask yourself
    • Why do you want to be an entrepreneur?
    • How do you define success?
    • Can you treat failure correctly?
    • Are you ready to devote your time?

Step Two-Find out your strengths

Your career should be rooted in your strengths and your passions, because if you don't have the passion, your corporate adventures will be hard to come by.

Entrepreneur Traits
    • working experience : With industry experience and management experience
    • Superior Fluid Intelligence (fluid intelligence): People who are good at solving problems are more likely to adapt quickly
    • Open- minded: People with innovative abilities are open to new experiences (things).
    • steady and pleasing : such a person can be in the easy-going and serious.
Please ask yourself
    • What entrepreneurial traits do you have?
    • How do others compliment you on your strengths? Do these advantages help you to become an entrepreneur?
    • What kind of passion do you have? And what pain points do you have? What are some of the possibilities that might translate into your career?

Step three-Start a "project"

Big ideas are bred, not born. Start a fully disposable "project" and write down several different variants.

Don't fall in love with your project-instead, find a variety of reasons that should stifle the project. ( Heaven Zhuhai Branch Rudder note : More detailed description of this section please refer to my previous translation of another article, "Great creative test 10-How to test whether your ideas are suitable to support your business")

The best creative ideas should have:
    • simplification : Solve a problem for a customer
    • clear source of revenue : from a simple source of income
    • large enough market : Target a market with at least 1 million customers

Fourth step-Research and feedback

No one will steal your ideas, so the best thing you need to do at this stage is to collect as much feedback as possible to help you evaluate, iterate, and improve your creative ideas. This is the most important step, and it will take you at least a few months.

Research Plan Basics
    1. Analyze the market and competitors. Does the current trend favor your ideas? Have you violated any of the agreements, trademarks and patents?
    2. Create a simple product message that can be described in one sentence to attract investors, and then get feedback from friends and college classmates who are absolutely honest with you.
    3. Find a company that has failed to make a similar product and pick up the phone to call the founder. Collect their feedback on the market and your ideas.
    4. Take part in some industry events and then iterate to update your product's promotional language until you can do it in one language.
    5. Find some potential real users of your products and ask them to go out for a cup of coffee. Do they understand your idea at once? Are you working on the key issues they are dealing with, or are they just a "best-in-the-box" idea? Will they pay for your product?

Fifth Step-Are you ready?

Do you really enjoy the process of preaching to potential investors to attract investment, iterate, find customers, and accept both positive and negative feedback? Please see the answers to "yes" and "no" below.

    • Non : If you do not like the process, then please immediately re-analyze whether to become an entrepreneur is really what you want.
    • Yes : Continue to get more feedback from other entrepreneurs to iterate and refine your ideas. Start looking for consultants and start the process of building your product. you're on the way!


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Five steps from a migrant worker to an entrepreneur

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