Five technical difficulties in search engine optimization

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This article will describe several of the most difficult Website Design Technologies in search engine optimization. Undoubtedly, these technologies and designs have their own advantages and uniqueness for website developers, website administrators, and common clerks. However, these technologies also make it difficult for a website to search for a website or even optimize a search engine. Note that search engines are aware of the problems that these design technologies bring to their searches, so they are likely to be working on solutions. Similarly, developers of these technologies will also notice the problems of their software for search engine traversal, so they are also working on related solutions. Among these technologies, Flash technology should be the most difficult for the optimization personnel.

One of the difficulties in optimization: Flash

If Flash is used properly, it can add a lot of colors to the website. However, improper use will not only bring about various user experience problems to the website, but also greatly affect the search engine ranking of the website. Many netizens have opened a website to show their experiences of introducing pure pictures or Flash files.

Flash is mainly a movie, and it also has the ability to form a Web page. We can embed links and text in flash to create a seemingly standard webpage. However, because the data is stored on the website hosting server and is suffixed with. SWF, it cannot be read and recorded by search engine crawling indexing programs. Unfortunately, some websites even use flash. For such a website, you can create a standard HTML page and embed flash into the standard page. Flash Developer Macromedia is developing an updated version that is friendly to search engines. However, before the release of this new version, those sites that use flash are almost unlikely to win the top 10 in search engines.

Difficulty 2: Content Management System (CMS)

The emergence of the Content Management System (CMS) meets the technical requirements for people to create, publish, and update their own websites. For websites that require frequent updates or have a large number of submission groups, the CMS system will undoubtedly bring tangible economic benefits to them. CMS is widely used in the real estate industry and some small retail industries.

Currently, there are hundreds of CMS programs. Unfortunately, among the hundreds of CMS programs, there are few that are really friendly to search engines. In addition, because there are many CMS types, once the search engine optimizer encounters a new CMS type that has never been met before, before they optimize the website, you must first learn this CMS system. Secondly, the CMS system often makes it more difficult for search engine optimizers to optimize the titles and other metadata of individual pages on the site. In addition, the file name of multiple CMS systems is set to a stupid value, and it is often used with meaningless names such as page1.htm or nextpage. php. It is precisely these three problems that make it difficult for the optimizer to optimize the website designed with the CMS system. In addition, the optimization personnel are limited to a large extent, which affects the overall optimization of the website and fails to reach the expected ranking result.

Difficulty 3: Frames

Website designers often use frame to implement toolbar navigation. They divide a page (browser window) into two or more active areas and place static menu pages in one of the areas. No matter where the user accesses the website, the static menu page remains unchanged. The advantage is that the navigation is clear, and the amount of code is reduced because you do not have to include a menu item in each content page.

The main problem that plagued search engines in searching frames-type sites is the way frame-set is written into source code. When we are browsing a webpage designed to use frames, we are actually browsing at least three files. These files are compiled together to make them look like a file. The first file is the frame setting file (frame-set ). The file then calls the remaining pages and displays them on the pages one by one. This will achieve the effect that looks like a page.

When the crawling program of the search engine shuttles between source code, they can only see the file name, but cannot see the actual file or the file content itself. Frames can be optimized through

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