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As the "working Emperor" Tang Jun said: "I think there are two types of people who do not want to compete for benefits and return value with others. The first type of person is the person who just entered the company. In the first five years, do not tell me if you can give me more money. The most important thing is what you can learn in the company. Is it good for development ...... "

People always get less education from the flat, more education from the hardships, more education from the flat, and more education from the hardships. A person experiences hardships when he is young. If he can correctly view it and rush out of the dark, he is a person worthy of admiration. The most important thing is to practice internal skills first. The five years after graduation are the best time to practice internal skills. It is possible to gain a higher level in the future.

Where is the way out? The way out lies in ideas!

In fact, there is no money, no experience, no experience, no social relationship, these are not terrible. Without money, you can earn money through hard work; without experience, you can summarize it through practical operations; without experience, you can accumulate it step by step; without social relationships, you can weave it at 1.1 points. However, it is the most terrible thing to do without dreams or ideas!
People must have a correct direction. No matter how cool you are, no matter how wise you are, no matter how much effort you have spent, if you do not have a clear direction, you will be lost and gradually lose fighting spirit, if you forget your original dream, you will embark on a detour or even fail to return to the road. In this way, you will overwrite your own talents and miss your youth.

There is a famous saying "Nothing is more intolerable than wandering aimlessly. "The five years after graduation will cause panic after 10 years, struggle after 20 years, and even mediocre for a lifetime. If we can't rush out of confusion and get out of the fog as soon as possible within five years of graduation, we will face ourselves for 10 years and 20 years. In the five years since graduation, we have both a lot of uncertainties and possibilities.

In the five years of graduation, we have both many to be determined and many decisions.

Everyone who is confused and confused will experience it, and everyone who is afraid and evict will have it. But do not use confusion and confusion as an excuse to give up and be willing to be mediocre, do not be a bitter wine that likes your own self-pity and pays homage to your frustrations. We need to assume our own lives, and we need to grasp our own destiny. In the five years after graduation, the sooner you find a direction, the sooner you get out of confusion, the easier it is to achieve achievements and create wonderful achievements on the road of life. No head flies cannot find the direction before they hit the wall. A person cannot find the way out before they are confused and afraid.

In our life, we often feel helpless in the face of dilemmas. Don't be discouraged, stick to it, believe that there is no way in your young life, the predicament is ahead, and hope to be at the corner. If we have the right idea, we will be able to avoid detours and find a way out!

Successful people do not win at the starting point, but win at the turning point.

Many young people just graduated from college always expect to find their desired job right away. However, you cannot wait for a lot of good jobs. You must select a job as your experience. The first job in the career journey is undoubtedly the starting point for entering the University of society. Maybe you have found a satisfactory job, so let's start from here and settle yourself well, and learn valuable nutrition from this job. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single foot. As long as you start, there is hope to reach the end.

The start point can be the same, but different inflection points are selected, and the end point will be significantly different!

In the past few years, there have been many uncertain factors in our life, feelings, and career. The future is also full of possibilities. At this time, you must learn how to choose, give up, and give yourself a clear position to Stabilize yourself. If you do not take the initiative to locate, it will be "finalized" by others and society "!

It can be said that the behavioral habits cultivated by a person in the five years after graduation will determine the height of his life. To some extent, whether we can succeed depends on our own comments. This is positioning. You can identify what you are and what you are. Positioning determines life and changes fate. The Ugly Duckling becomes a white swan, as long as a pair of wings; Cinderella becomes a beautiful princess, as long as a pair of crystal shoes.

The life of a person is doomed to three days. If you have a dream, you will be "red", and you will win the game. As long as you do not keep yourself in the cage of the soul, no one will be able to restrain you to fly.

The reality is far from what they think. As a result, when the sense of superiority gradually turns into a sense of loss or even a sense of defeat, when the belief that you are a piece of "gold" to doubt that you are a grain of "Sand", anger, confusion, and inferiority began to grow.

In fact, you should carefully weigh yourself. Are you really gold? It's a real gold, and it's only in the hands of a living thing that can make a difference. In a word, zhenjin relies on strength to prove that he is eligible to consider bole only when he has completed his skills **.

Each pearl is originally a grain of sand, but not every grain of sand can become a pearl.

If you want to leave zhuer alone, you must have the capital to stand out. If you cannot stand the blows and setbacks, and you cannot stand the neglect of peace, it is very difficult to achieve brilliant results. To reuse and succeed, young people must transform themselves from a grain of sand into a valuable Pearl.

There are rain and sunrise in the sky, and peak and trough in life.

Do not cover the eyes of the floating cloud, wind and things should be eye-catching.

As long as the haze is swept away, the clear sky can be shown. If you are not doing well at work, believe that you are not always in the valley of life, and one day you will be able to break through the many clouds. Tell yourself: I have not failed, but I have not succeeded yet! As long as you light a lamp of hope in your heart, you will surely be able to dispel the haze in the dark and see the light.

Indeed, as far as their qualifications are concerned, they are no small cainiao in the workplace. Their business is not deeply involved, and their connections are poor. They often hit the wall at work. Their pressure is not always like a great stone, but like the sky before the arrival of heavy rain, gray is low, clear space, but filled with gray every gap, can only wait for the clear sky after the rain.

"Get up earlier than a chicken, sleep later than a dog, do more than a donkey, and eat worse than a pig. "This is what many people who just graduated like to ridicule their living conditions. Although a little exaggerated, many of them have been shrouded in a gray mood-their hearts will always be cloudy and overcast. I remember a philosopher once said, "Our pain is not caused by problems, but by our views on these problems. "Looking at life from another perspective is a kind of breakthrough, a kind of relief, a kind of transcendence, a high level of indifference and quiet, so as to get free and happy.

A philosopher said: "life is a series of choices. The future and fate of each person are in their own hands. As long as they work hard, they will succeed. "Job or job selection, or entrepreneurship, will succeed if you work hard. Are you ready to give all your life promises to others?

The five years after graduation are a golden period for changing your destiny. When are you sure you want to decide your fate? In my life, I am the master, and destiny is beyond my control.
Do not live in others' mouths, do not live in others' eyes, but hold your destiny in your own hands.

Don't say you have no background. You are the biggest background. American writer jack kerouac said: "I am still young, and I am eager to go on the road. "In the journey of life, we will always be young people, and every day we should be eager. Each person's potential is infinite. The key is to discover his potential and correct understanding of his talent, and to find a stage that can give full play to his potential, not just for the inappropriate stage. You need to look at your abilities objectively and fairly, and calmly choose your own abilities based on your actual situation and hobbies, so as to best suit you as much as possible.

In the human resource management field, a popular saying is: "riding a horse, taking a lead, catching a pig, and hitting a dog". theory: the character is very good, the ability is very strong, it is a horse, we want to ride him; good character, but ordinary ability, is the old scalper, we want to lead him; character, ability are common, is "pig", we want to get away from him; character is very poor ability, that's a "dog". We want to attack him.

I think, just a few years after graduation, you have a great ambition and want to be a one-way horse that is appreciated and galloping on the battlefield? Then, let's settle down. A low level is not equal to a low level. Today's low level is for tomorrow's high level. The value of life means that our existence has value to others. It is a good thing to be used by people. It is really sad that no one cares about it!

Being competent and doing a good job is the basic guarantee for the survival of the workplace.

The prerequisite for anyone to do the job is that he is competent to do the job. Competence is the most basic standard for qualified employees, while willingness to work is an attitude. Many people in a job can be competent and have the basic ability to do the job well. However, can you do a better job, it depends on whether you have a hard-working and hard-working attitude.

Be steadfast and willing to work on the basis of ability.
At work, if you work more than others, you will feel a loss; if you get less money than others, you will feel a loss; if you often work overtime, you will feel a loss ...... In fact, there is no need to care about this. Losing is not a disaster, not a failure. Losing is also a philosophy of life. Now you have a small loss, paving the way for success. maybe at some point in the future, your blessing will suddenly come.

Being able to suffer is a kind of realm of being a person, and a kind of wisdom in life.

At work, it is a loss to do more work or do more work for others. If the leader asks you to work overtime and catch up with the task, don't think you have suffered a big loss. Instead, you should be glad that the leader only calls you, not others, it indicates that he trusts you and appreciates you. A disadvantage is a contribution. The more you contribute, the more you get. Willing to work overtime is such a kind of disadvantage.

Willing to give up and give it to others; people who learn to eat some losses at the right time are definitely not mentally retarded, but wise.
To leave room for others is to leave room for yourself. To give convenience to others is to give convenience to others. To treat others well is to treat yourself well.

Dummies are dumb, because they have no plans. When you are with such a person, you can feel relaxed and close to each other without much vigilance. In many cases, being silly means persistence and loyalty, as well as being generous and honest, so that people can come to his side without knowing it. Dummies get more out of the box than smart ones. In the past few years after graduation, you have only a few pieces of snow floating in the sky. Are you satisfied? Success requires persistence and accumulation. Instead of focusing on collecting snowflakes, it is better to save effort to snowball. Buffett said: "Life is like a snowball. The most important thing is to find wet snow and a long slope. "Let yourself accumulate, learn to discover" very wet snow ", and strive to find" A long slope ". Remember: The scattered snow will soon melt and become useless. Only the snowball will be more practical and can last for a long time.

In the past few years, if you have been able to make more efforts than others, it means that you have accumulated more capital than others, and there is more chance to succeed than others.

What is professionalism? Professionalism is the standardization, standardization, and systemization of the working status, that is, to say the right words and do the right thing at the right time and place in the right way, make the knowledge, skills, concepts, thoughts, attitudes, and psychology conform to the professional norms and standards. "There are many excellent talents in every industry. They exist because they work harder, smarter, and more mature than others. But most importantly, they are more professional than the average person! That's why I can be your boss now. It is not enough for a person to be professional. Only professional talents can fly in front of others, making it difficult to surpass others! "Do not think that we are now very stable. For those who have graduated for five years, they must recognize the five challenges they will face.

1. Support your parents.

2. Get married and have children.

3. Promotion and salary increase.

4. Work pressure.

5. Quality of Life.

Some people are excited to survive, and their eyes are always behind them. They have been playing fish for two days and have no end at all.

Some people strive for development and keep their eyes on the front. Every day, they make progress and persevere.

In the past few years, you cannot pursue or explore without any ideals or goals. Life is like sailing against the water. If you do not enter, you will leave. Living in the status quo is a ship that no longer advances and cannot catch up with the pace of the times. You must take every second to learn, and understand that learning is not a patent for students. The smartest person is most proud of: What have they done? What a wise person desires most is: what do they want to do?
Intelligent means tactics, and intelligent means strategy. intelligent means sesame seeds, while intelligent means watermelon.
In this world, there are both big people and small roles. Big people have the life style of big people, small people have the chic nature of small people, and everyone has their own way of life. No one can barely find anyone. However, a smart person can only have a small score and a small vision, and a great smart person can have a great achievement and a great realm. Small enterprises look at the boss, medium enterprises look at the system, and large enterprises look at the culture.

Both small companies and large enterprises have a survival path, but there is no difference between good and bad, but the impact on a person's different stages will be different.

Small companies certainly want to develop into large enterprises. This is a goal. Young people must also set their own career goals. After several years of graduation, do you often have the opportunity or feel unmotivated? It is definitely not an alarmist! Now nap, you will dream; now learning, you will dream. In the highly competitive battlefield of life, all those who nap are losers!

Everyone seems to be passionate when they are young, and they are not afraid of anything. But as they grow older, they think about houses, jobs, and raising their families every day, no longer has the courage to dare to "explore stars and fish for the Moon" when I was young. Have we changed our lives or have we changed our lives? Our thinking is becoming more and more complex, because with more and more reluctance and concerns, we are always wandering and hesitating. After one or two years of graduation, the burden of life will make us breathless. setbacks and obstacles block the communication in all directions. We often have to exert the pressure on ourselves to reach our potential before we can make a fight, find the way out. However, two or three years later, our burden began to decrease and our work began to run smoothly. We relaxed and gradually forgot the potential risks. One day, the crisis suddenly came, and we were defeated at a loss ...... After graduation in the past few years, we are still in a dangerous period. We must be aware of the dangers and work hard to ensure a safe life!

This is because of sorrow and sorrow. If you want to overcome your current achievements, you must be brave enough to accept the challenges. For those who are timid, the real danger is at risk!

Under the pressure of society, the adaptability of young people has become stronger and stronger, but they do not consciously get used to being pushed by the environment. They did not dare to take a risk, for fear of giving themselves a lifetime regret, so they comforted themselves: "I am worthy of myself and my family, because I have done my best. "In fact, only constant challenges and breakthroughs can people grow. Long-standing in the existing sense of security, like a frog in warm water, will eventually lose the instinct to jump.

After years of social life, you should understand that there are rich, poor, overcast, bright, ugly, and beautiful in the world. What you see depends on whether you are positive or negative. When you are young, learn to work diligently and treat your life with a bright mind. As long as you open your palm, you will find that there is a splendid life in it.
Engraved gratitude on the stone, deeply grateful to others for helping you, always remember, this is a realm of life should have; write hatred on the beach, light forget others hurt you, learn tolerance, let all resentment go forever with the tide, this is also a realm of life.

Learn to pour water to hold more water. From the day of graduation, I learned to treat every day as a new starting point, and every job starts from scratch. If you know how to take "zero" as a normal life, a good continuation, and a task to be done at a time, then after just a few years, you can complete the correct planning and overall transcendence of your career.

To achieve better, faster, and more beneficial growth, you must face the world with a zero point of thinking. Do not advertise yourself as a high school student. Do not feel that you are excellent. Instead, put your posture down, put your posture down, and let yourself settle down, adapt to the environment and accept challenges with a learning attitude. Put down the "body" to increase your value. A temporary low will eventually lead to a higher value in the future.

From campus or from an environment to a new environment, young people must be brave enough to put away the familiar, used, and liked things in the original environment, and then start from scratch. To succeed in the workplace, we must first cultivate adaptability. Converting from a natural person to a unit person is a basic condition for integration into the workplace. It is not terrible for a person to start from a low level. The more you care about yourself, the less development prospects you will have. On the contrary, the more you take the initiative to pay, the more he will develop rapidly. Many people who have made some achievements today are beginning from scratch in their early career. This is precisely because of this, their life is singing all the way, all the way flying.

In the past few years of graduation, we have to let the past go to the ground, so that we will not be the snail bait that focuses on Shell crawling in the workplace, in order to fly as light as the birds in the sky. Please have a good taste of Jack Welch's words: "correct your own behaviors and recognize yourself. from scratch, you will go back to the workplace. "Only when the spof is passed, can the body be cooled, the house have to have, the cup can be empty to water full, put down to surpass.
Five major manifestations of zero thinking: No one in the heart, no money in the eyes, no one in the mind, no one in the middle, no end to learning.
It is inevitable that young people are somewhat proud to think that they are omnipotent and invincible. Otherwise, new people who are new to the workplace are still "Babies" and are in the process of growth. In the past few years of graduation, we must gradually cultivate our apprenticeship thinking, sponge thinking, and empty cup thinking. People with such thinking are always open-minded, they can accept inspiration and everything that inspires them at any time, and they can feel the call of Goddess of success at all times.

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