Fix for error when Google Calendar synchronizes with OutLook

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The system was reinstalled yesterday, and Outlook 2007 was installed to synchronize the events in my Google Calendar to Outlook with Google's latest tool, Google Calendar sync. Results The following error occurred while synchronizing:

Google Calendar sync:error syncing your calendar.
Error Codes "1011,-2147352567

First Google, and finally in Google Calendar's official help forum Google Calendar to find the following post was inspired,
Successfully solved the problem.

The address of the original sticker is:

What I was inspired by was this sentence:
I had the same issue. I fixed mine by going to Outlook | Help Menu
Then "Disabled Items" then re-enabled the Google Sync ...

What this guy means is probably, click Outlook's Help menu, and then select Disable Options, and then enable in the list of disabled add-ons that pop up
Google Calendar Sync Add-ons.

However, the add-in does not appear here in my outlook.

However, this heuristic: it is estimated that the Google Calendar Sync add-on is not enabled and caused a synchronization error:

1. Select "Tools"-"Trust Center"-"Add-ins" and "Go to", then tick the corresponding Google Calendar Sync add-ons.

But I noticed that the "Disable Macros for user option is not available for the plugin" is displayed under the plugin, so I guess it's not useful to check it.

2. Sure enough, when I reopen the option, the check box for the Google Calendar Sync add-in is automatically removed.

3. You can only change the macro options setting: Select Tools--Trust Center--add-ons, cancel the "Apply macro security settings to installed add-ons" check box above the Go button

Then, resynchronization, synchronization error no longer appears, problem solved.

Because the "Apply macro security settings to installed add-ons" check box is disabled, the following two measures are maintained to address the above problem:

1. Recommended Method:
Choose Tools--Trust Center--Macro security, select provide warnings for all macros, so that any add-ins that you load later will have a warning message, albeit cumbersome, but you can decide whether to enable add-ons based on the contents of the warning message

2. Cancel all unnecessary add-ons in the list of add-ons and remember to open them separately when needed. (I use this method)

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