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Wireframe text effect, but also a very simple effect of production, in the production process, as shown in Figure 1, to achieve this text effect, its specific operations are as follows:

Figure 1

1. Create a new movie, set its size to 290pxx80px in the property panel, and select a color (this example is #ffffff) as the background color. The properties panel is shown in Figure 2:

Figure 2 Setting movie-related properties

2. Select the Text tool from the Toolbox and set the font for the text in the properties panel the Arial black font size is set to 72, the color defaults, and the text "HELLO" is entered in the workspace, as shown in Figure 3:

Figure 3 Entering text

3. Select the arrow tool from the Toolbox to move the text to the middle of the workspace. Press the "Ctrl+b" key on the keyboard two times, when the text will be broken. The effect is as shown in Figure 4:

Figure 4

4. Select the ink Bottle tool from the toolbox, set the line color in the ink bottle tool parameter bar to the #ff0000 line, set the width to 4.0, click the Customize button to open the Line Style dialog box, set the line style to dots, set the dot distance to 0.5, set the thickness to 4, and click the OK button.

5. Move the mouse to the workspace, the mouse cursor will become the ink bottle shape, with the ink bottle Click the article boundary, the text will appear around the red dotted line border. The effect is as shown in Figure 5:

Figure 5 Adding a border to text

6. Select the menu "Edit/Clear" menu command, delete the fill area of the text, then the work area will only be left with red dotted line border, we have finished the wireframe text we want to make. The effect is as shown in Figure 6:

Figure 6 Deleting a populated area

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