Flash CS5 Basics Tutorial-Understanding of timeline

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  the timeline is used to organize and control the number of layers and the number of frames that a document's content plays over a specified period of time. As with film, the Flash document will also be divided into frames. Layers are like multiple slide films stacked together, each layer contains a different image that is displayed on the stage. The main components of the timeline are layers, frames, and playhead.

The layers in the document are listed in the column on the left side of the timeline. The frames contained in each layer appear in the row to the right of the layer name. The timeline caption at the top of the timeline indicates the frame number. The playhead indicates the frames that are currently displayed on the stage. When you play a Flash document, the playhead passes from left to right through the timeline.

When the timeline state is displayed at the bottom of the timeline, it indicates the selected frame number, current frame frequency, and elapsed time until the current frame.


When you play the animation, the actual frame rate is displayed, and if the computer does not calculate and display the animation fast enough, the frame rate may be inconsistent with the document's frame-frequency settings.

  The relationship between the layers

The layers in Flash are the same as in PS. The layer is on the top, and the component is on the stage. As you can imagine, the background layer is always at the bottom of yo! Both the masking layer and the guide layer are above the covered and guided layers!


Symbol Description Tips
New Layer
New Boot Line
New Layer Folder
Blank key frame, press "F7" on a frame
Key frame, in a frame on the "F6" When setting up a key frame, you must come in one order. Set up a key frame, the picture moved after the next place to set up a key frame, so that the position of the previous copy to the current position, you move will not be disorderly off. Pictures of the games are very regular yo ~ ~
Insert the frame where you need it, this is the end, press "F5" where you need it.
Wrong tween
The tween (not the component) of the graph, the attribute ", action tween" or "shape tween"
Correct component tween, right button "Create motion tween" If you are sure, you can set up the key frames, and then all set up a motion tween. Best of all, we set up a key frame, set up a motion tween, so that we check the movement of the right, and then continue to the next
It means we're in the frame now.
The black frame on behalf of our selected this frame, so that we can set up a key frame or insert a blank frame.

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