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Dreamweaver today we're going to take a look at Dreamweaver MX 2004 's new features in using Flash element.
The Flash element feature is added to the Dreamweaver MX 2004 version, which makes Dreamweaver and flash more closely related. What's so special about this flash element? It can help you make a Flash animation version of the picture browser quickly! Here's a concrete example to learn about this new gadget.
The following is an example demo of a completed electronic photo album.
   Click to view the effect
The detailed production process is as follows.
1. First in the Dreamweaver menu bar to find the Flash element this feature icon:

2. Select this button, in Dreaweaver to generate a flash file, you need to make this homemade flash file to save the location.

3.Flash files in the size of the Web page, you can easily adjust. Now let's take a look at the CSS changes in the right tag panel, which adds two options for Imagelinks and Imageurls.

4. Our Electronic photo album contains pictures in the Imageurls to specify the source location of the picture, if the picture needs to point to other documents to do the link, to add a link to the Imagelinks address.
5. We first define the source location of the picture, select Imageurls, there is a small icon next to the Drop-down menu, click After a dialog box, where we enter the source location of the picture.

6. If you want to add a link to each picture, use the same action in the Imagelinks, in the Link Settings dialog box It defaults to three points to the Macromedia Link address, each address and picture source file is corresponding, in order to enter the address on the line.

7. In addition to these two items, other parametric designs and electronic albums are also relevant. BgColor is to set the background color of albums, Imagecaptions is to fill out album name, Titlefont is set album name text font, Tiltesize is set album name text size and so on. The transtitions type is the effect of setting the appearance of a picture, and there are many effects in the Drop-down menu.

8. According to the above steps, the final production of the Electronic album effect is as follows. Currently 2004 after the installation of the Flash element with only one effect, need more results can go to the Macromedia website to download.

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