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The technique highlights the various "tricks" used in Flash, which is unexpected effect.

   How to convert Flash to exe file

With a small software Winafp, you can easily complete. Besides the function of flash playback, it also has the function of exchanging SWF file and exe file. After running the software, click on the "Gear" setting button on its panel to enter its format Conversion dialog box. First check the "swf→exe" option, then set the source and destination file path, and finally click the "Convert" button. The resulting EXE file is 200 to 300 KB larger than the original SWF file because of the built-in Flash player.

If you have a Macromedia Flash Player in your PC, you can also use it directly to generate an EXE file (although it generates a larger file size) by selecting menu "File |" Create the viewer.

If you want to run the Flash files from your PC to another PC, for insurance purposes, it's best to convert them to EXE format so that they don't complain about you because they can't open the file.

   Flash animation thin body record

Many friends like to collect flash animation, although a single animation in the 1MB or so, can be a large number of space occupied by the hard disk is very considerable. In particular, flash animation through e-mail or floppy disk with friends, always hope that their capacity can be smaller. Here are a few ways to compress Flash Animation:

   change EXE to SWF

Many of my flash animations are in EXE format, and you should know that this file is 400 to 800KB larger than the original SWF file (the file size is related to the built-in Flash Player version). If you have a Flash animation player installed on your PC, you can restore them to SWF format.

The tool we use here is the Flash file format converter, which converts EXE and SWF files to bulk. It's very simple to use, to convert the Flash file "add" to the list (the tool can intelligently identify the file format, if you add an EXE file, it will automatically convert it to SWF), and then click the "Start Conversion" button on the line (see Figure 1).

   compressing SWF files

After you get the SWF file, if you want to further slim it, use the Liatro swf Compress (download address: http://www.skycn.com/soft/11383.html), which is a SWF file compression tool. The entire compression process is done completely in a wizard way.

After running the software, first, add the SWF file you want to compress (as shown in Figure 2) by adding "Add Files", and then, to prevent the original file from being corrupted during compression, check the "Back movie before compress" item so that the software automatically backs up the original file before compressing it; Finally, click Next button to start compression, the compression rate can usually reach 20% to 40%.

After the compression is successful, don't forget to try the normal playback. If there is an error, just remove the. bak suffix of the backup file to recover.

  How to convert Flash to MP3

When you find a wonderful flash MTV, be sure to get its MP3 song file immediately. After all, MP3 files are not only easy to play, but also easy to manage and collect.

When it comes to flash MTV MP3, the first thing you can think of is looking for a conversion tool. However, there are few tools to convert Flash-formatted SWF files to MP3, and there may be a loss of quality during conversion. In fact, without the conversion tool, split the SWF file with the Decomposition tool, directly to extract the music files inside it, you can get the original flash MTV MP3 music (if the flash MTV music must contain MP3 format to do). To complete this work, there are two tools recommended by the software: one is the home-made Shuo-Extractor sprite, one is SWF.

Using software tools

Run the Master Flash Wizard, locate and open the Flash MTV (that is, a SWF file) that needs to be exploded in the explorer. At this point the Software window is in the middle of the preview area will automatically play this flash MTV, directly to the right of the window of the resource area. Here you will see that the SWF file has been completely decomposed, and its elements include images, sounds, fonts, text, frames, and actions. Click the mouse to select a sound item, there is the flash MTV included in the MP3 music. Select it and click the "Export" button.

In the Export window, first set the output path, then choose "File Format" "Sound" for MP3 (other file format because we do not need, so keep its default value), and finally click the "Export" button (as shown in Figure 3), in its output path of the "sound" subdirectory, you can find a file named Streamsound1.mp3. This is the MP3 music file contained in this flash MTV.

Run SWF extractor (download address: http://www.skycn.com/soft/12176.html), you will find that its interface is quite concise, like a blank Windows window. Through the "open" button on the toolbar to import Flash MTV, there are many scattered pictures in its blank window. Icons and sound files, which are the things that SWF extractor automatically decompose SWF files. Find and select the MP3 music file first, then click the "Extract" button (Figure 4).

The Extract dialog box appears, sets the output path first, and then selects the extracted resource as the selected resource. This will only extract MP3, not the pictures and icons (note: If your SWF extractor is not registered, then the extracted MP3 file quality will be affected).

  Homemade Flash Screensavers

Flashwiz is a software that converts Flash animations to screen savers, and it supports SWF files made by Flash 3, Flash 4, Flash 5, and Flash MX. The operation is a wizard, and even friends who have never been in touch with it can get started quickly.

Preparatory work

Although Flashwiz is free software, but after installation we still have to go to http://www.flashwiz.co.uk/displaycode.asp to register for free to obtain freeware Code, in order to use it normally.

Import Flash animation files

In Flashwiz, in the SWF Movie tab, import the SWF file through "Movie Source." The default values are recommended for those settings. If you are not satisfied with the color of the Flash animation, you can reset it in Custom.

To name a screensaver

Switch to the Screen Saver tab and enter a custom file name for the screensaver in the Saver name field. If you click the Enable F12 Web Link check box below, then in the "F12 text" and "F12 URL" two text boxes to enter a custom URL, then run the screensaver when you have to press the F12 key, you can quickly log on to this designated site.

Build installation files

Switch to the "Build" tab and click on the "Build Disk" button on the left, Flashwiz will automatically generate the installation file setup.exe. The Build Web page item below can also create Web pages for this screen saver.

Install screen saver

After the Flash animation is successfully converted to the screen saver installation file, you can click Install directly or click the "Test Saver" button on the "Build" tab to install it.

Now, open the show Properties | In the System Screen saver, select this screensaver in the Drop-down list box in the screen saver. When the time is set, we can enjoy it. However, when playing this flash MTV, you will first see a flashwiz ad, who called it free.

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