Flex Primer 1----Environment setup

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System environment: Flex Builder 2 +tomcat5.5.6+windows XP
First, get the software package:
1, JDK 1.5.0 and above version
Download Address: http://java.sun.com/javase/downloads/index.jsp, install after downloading.
2, Tomcat 5.5.6
Download Address: Http://apache.towardex.com/jakarta/tomcat-5/v5.5.6/bin/jakarta-tomcat-5.5.6.exe
3, Flex Builder 2 and above version
Download Address: Https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/tdrc/index.cfm?product=flex
Second, the installation
1. Installation JDK1.5.0
Double-click the installation can be downloaded, I installed here to d:/jdk1.5, installation will automatically install JRE5.0, you can install to other paths.
Then set environment variables, right-click "My Computer" > Properties > Advanced > Environment variable > System variable > New
Variable name: java_home
Variable Value: c:/jdk1.5
2. Installation Tomcat5.5.6
After downloading, double-click the installation and remember to select "Service" during the installation process so that Tomcat can be started in the form of a Windows service. I'm here to install Tomcat in the C:/tomcat 5.5/directory.
The HTTP port number and admin password are then configured and entered as required, and the port defaults to 8080.
After the Tomcat installation is completed, a small icon is generated in the status bar, and if the small green triangle indicates that the Tomcat server has started successfully, you can double-click the icon to enter the Tomcat service console and start and stop the service with start and stop.
Enter "http://localhost:8080" in the browser, if the Apache tomcat/5.5.6 page appears, Tomcat installation is successful (in fact, here already can be a JSP server, uh).

3. Install Flex Builder 2
Double-click the downloaded Flxb_2.0_win_wwe.exe and select an installation directory. Flex Builder 2 is recommended as a foreground development tool.

Copy the Flex.war,samples.war file from the installation directory to Tomcat's WebApps directory, start Tomcat, then create two new directories, one for flex and one for samples. The Flex catalog can be used as your directory for developing FLXE applications, and samples are the instance directories. Open "http://localhost:8080/samples/" in the browser and you can see some examples.

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