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  • Fast solution to 10/100/M Ethernet (full-duplex access supported)
  • Go deep into 802.11a/B/g wireless LAN
  • Analyze network traffic
  • Search for devices, networks, VLANs, access points, and mobile users.
  • Measure Internet connection Performance
  • File documents for wired and wireless networks
  • Search for VLANs to view port status, connected hosts, and traffic trends
  • Search for networks, and view devices by IP subnet, NetBIOS domain name, and IPX network type.
  • Locate the nearest vswitch and view the detailed information and port traffic statistics.
  • Intuitive user interface and color touch screen Operations Based on Linux


Elasticsearch provides you with a pair of gigabit network and wireless network eyes, allowing you to solve network faults faster than ever before, or at least prove that it is not a network problem. For today's increasingly complex networks, this handheld 10/100/1000 M and 802.11a/B/g LAN analysis tool, it helps you better prevent faults, promptly discover faults, and effectively resolve them.

One analyzer can solve wired and wireless network problems! If your network has both wired and wireless, you need a tool that can diagnose both wired and wireless networks. Through rapid network search and fault diagnosis, elasticsearch can quickly find the cause of Wired/wireless network faults to ensure the normal operation of the network. It helps you optimize your network and make your work better. As a portable tester, the elasticsearch network is easy to carry and use. It also provides powerful network fault diagnosis and configuration tools. Elasticsearch is just like your full assistant.



• Optical power measurement • Performance Testing • Traffic statistical analysis • Automatic Testing • Detection of network health • device search • Proactive network search • query of VLAN settings • Network Test Report • Repair of network faults • view switches details • Cable Testing • Gigabit link testing • Remote Testing

Performance Testing

How can you know whether the recently installed network or network device can provide you with the expected performance. Is there sufficient bandwidth to support data transmission, Email, online seminars, VoIP or other network applications. Does the user complain that the network speed is slow? How does an additional user in a network segment affect network performance? The network throughput option helps you answer these questions.

Network throughput option ITO) adds the throughput test function for elasticsearch networks and makes it a traffic generator. Whether you are a service provider or an enterprise network manager, elasticsearch with the ITO option can help you during network construction and maintenance.

10/100/1000 throughput Test
Determine the two points in the network where you want to measure the actual throughput, or verify that the newly installed network device can provide the expected bandwidth, or check whether the existing network segment is slower than normally. Connect one elasticsearch network to the first point you have specified, and the other to the other point. Select the desired rate from 1 Kbps to 1000 Mbps to determine the frame size and content. You can even select a set of standard frame sizes to start the test.


Elasticsearch allows you to report the actual uplink and downlink throughput in bytes per second, and also reports the number of frames that are sent and lost. It displays result data in tables or graphs and stores test results in XML format, so that you can file network performance documents during network deployment and trial run, or file the baseline performance.

To protect your investment in fluke network tester, elasticsearch, OPV-INA 4th integrated network analyzer, or OneTouch II series Integrated Network Analyzer can be used as a remote throughput instrument. The slower of the two instruments determines the throughput rate.

Traffic Generation
Using an elasticsearch network, you can generate traffic at a maximum rate of 10/100 Mbit per second. By generating broadcast, multicast, or unicast traffic, you can imitate the new users attached to the CIDR block. You can select the frame type, size, and test duration.

Traffic statistical analysis

Ensure that the network is continuously effective
By analyzing the traffic statistics in the network, including the Protocol distribution, the highest sender of the sent traffic, the highest sender of the sent broadcast data, and the highest sender of the error data, to identify a host or network device that occupies a large amount of network bandwidth and isolate these devices. In addition, you can use baseline reports to analyze performance trends.


Automatic Test

Elasticsearch provides real-time network status analysis. After the automatic test, the home page displays a wealth of network information, and the three-color LED indicator on the meter shows the network overview. Elasticsearch allows you to perform multiple tests at the same time to quickly detect faults. If you select any of the following test content, the preview information is displayed on the left side of the window. Click the details button to view more test results.

The elasticsearch results are automatically displayed on the homepage, including the status of the nearest vswitch and other ports it connects.

Easy to use. elasticsearch uses a flexible Linux operating system and integrates fault diagnosis tools in WEB browsers, TELNET, and other types of PCs.


Gigabit link test

Gigabit link test:Supports full-duplex 10/100/1000 M Ethernet testing, and test interfaces can meet future needs.

Test Ethernet power supply (PoE ):Deploying PoE? Test the DC voltage on each wire to determine whether the network works properly.


View vswitch details

Analyze the latest vswitch

Determining where the network is connected is usually the first step in network fault diagnosis. The Nearest Switch function of elasticsearch improves your work efficiency. This function helps you confirm the Switch and port number that elasticsearch is connected, and network resources that can be connected through this location. Elasticsearch allows you to easily start a WEB browser or Telnet to configure a vswitch or view its status and port traffic statistics.

Vswitch port Diagnosis

You can easily obtain the port list and VLAN attributes of the switch in the switched network, or even obtain the WLAN connected to the switch. Remote SNMP/RMON devices can also obtain port utilization information.


Query and manage VLAN settings

Managing VLANs is not an easy task.

Elasticsearch allows you to search for all vswitch ports and VLAN configurations. You can also thoroughly investigate the working status of each port, including the connected host and traffic trends.

If you configure a vswitch in a management VLAN, you may not be able to search for it from the elasticsearch network, but you can manually add these vswitches to the device list for analysis. Elasticsearch provides you with a full picture of the network. It also automatically calculates and analyzes the latest vswitch and its vlan attributes for each port, so as to conveniently detect configuration changes, provide clues for troubleshooting.

Active Network Search

Elasticsearch allows you to easily differentiate device types by IP subnet, NetBIOS domain, and IPX network, and generate a device list. The subnet information includes the subnet mask and CIDR block range. The domain information includes the domain name and the device that belongs to the domain name. You can easily locate hosts Based on device names, IP addresses, and MAC addresses.

Device search

You can search for up to 1000 devices, obtain VLAN configurations from the switch, and display the user-connected port. This improves the efficiency of solving connectivity or port congestion problems and greatly saves administrators time.


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