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Dreamweaver constructs the specialized network website and the application, the Advanced design tool, the function is formidable, the open integration System; The smooth development process.

Macromedia DreamweaverMX2004 offers a wide range of powerful visual design tools, application development environments, and code-editing support. Applications that enable developers and designers to quickly create code specifications are highly integrated, streamlined and efficient, and developers can use Dreamweaver to build powerful network applications with their server technology to connect to the user's data and network service systems.

DREAMWEAVERMX2004 provides a powerful and standardized management to ensure high-quality design, design environment to provide rapid and efficient CSS development code concise, professional specifications of the site.

The Dreamweaver MX 2004 is open and extensible. Give you the maximum degree of freedom and flexibility to choose the technology that works best for you today or in the future.

1. Integrate world-class "design" and "code" editors into the design window to concentrate the source code so that you can tailor your user interface to the needs of your job.

2. Use rich CSS style sheets to support the construction of complex, standard specifications of the site. Also provides a wealth of tools for quick selection and styling property control tools.

3. Cross-browser validity check

When saved, automatically checks the current document for Cross-browser validity (compatibility), you can specify which browser to test with the browser automatically to determine whether the page is not supported by the target browser tags or CSS structure. Dynamic cross Browser validation checks to automatically check tags and CSS rules for the current master browser (compatibility)

4. Use the built-in graphics editing program to make development more time-saving.

Some auxiliary image editing functions, such as cropping, scaling and so on, can be accomplished without leaving the Dreamweaver, and the editing tools are embedded Macromediafireworks technology.

5. Create a more applicable user interface

Allows developers to preview data without a fixed browser in design mode while using the Live Data window to preview real time

7. Features more CSS support, CSS visual design CSS Inspection tool:

Use the redesigned tag Checker in the design window to detect which CSS rule applies to the current selection. Creating a layout configuration in CSS is easy, selecting divs and other block elements in the design window and then using the CSS Guidelines Checker to modify their properties, clicking on any CSS rule to view detailed descriptions of their properties (such as border style, margin, padding or textsize). The immediate editing feature allows you to instantly see changes in the design window while editing the CSS.

9. Improve the intuitive application of CSS: Enhanced design window allows you to directly see the effects of complex CSS settings, to achieve more accurate and practical visualization operations

10. Improved CSS Panel:

Use the enhanced panel to define styles directly inside your code, and you can see visually what styles are defined.

11. Improved CSS inspection tool based on text attributes:

You do not have to toggle editing to select a CSS style directly, and a preview of all available styles is built into the style Drop-down list.

12. New CSS based on page properties:

Get more improved page control properties, such as headers and connections, through the Page Properties dialog box (Modify-> Page properties)

13.CSS code Hint:

Quickly view the prompts for a hand-written CSS style in the Code window, or invoke the code hint by the Ctrl/space key.

14. Use a complete integrated development environment to develop HTML, XHTML, XML, ASP,, JSP, PHP, and macromediacoldfusion sites. Through the Macromedia Plug-in Center you can get more than 800 free plugins to customize and expand your development environment.

FTP security: All transmitted files are fully encrypted and prevent unauthorized access to your information, file content, username and password

16. Seamless integration of external documents/codes:

Save fonts, colors, and CSS styles from MicrosoftWord and excel in direct copy pasting into Dreamweaver. Perfect support for Unicode, support for the use and storage of any font and encoding (including double-byte characters)

17. Enhance the ability to integrate with MX other software products, including flash, fireworks and other Macromedia StudioMX2004 design and development tools.

18.Microsoft Asp.netform Control object: Build operations using the improved object and property Check tool Web Forms

19. Update Content Reference:

O ' Reilly's SQL and PHP-related information is available in the Dreamweaver MX 2004 reference panel.

20.PHP Server behavior:

Rewrite the PHP syntax and server behavior, including Master-detail Page Setup module, User ID card verification module.

21. Support Macromedia Flash elements:

With the built-in Flash widget, DreamweaverMX2004 increases the interactivity of the page, and importing a flash widget is as easy as customizing the label.

22.MX HTML widget:

Use MX components (including buttons, templates) to quickly establish an effective user interface

23. Improved table Editing tools

24. More reliable and practical FTP client program

25. Modified Insert Panel

26. Efficient document editing process.

27. More effective code editing:

Like the right button pop-up coding tool, the updated query replacement tool, more search options and the ability to save search conditions, and the ability to quickly start the property check tool,

28. Detailed Property Editing:

Use the property checking tool to build detailed edits: lists each available tag attribute that applies to the current selection.

29. Use the improved user interface to find things faster, more clearly show context and focus, and quickly access the most recently used document and tutorial resources.

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