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  If you browse the iphone App Store, you'll see thousands of different categories of apps. This includes a large number of applications designed to improve your personal productivity.

  The 10 software described in this article will enable users to quickly and efficiently finish their work on the iphone, and can also run on the ipod Touch or ipad. The software is free and charged.   1. PageOnce: This is a very cool personal finance software. If you use it to help you check things like bank transfers, phone calls, investment accounts, or even a Netflix playlist, it can save you a lot of time. This software can integrate all of your online accounts, whether it's a bank account or a social networking account. Then you can easily view all the details and update them in real time without having to enter the account password each time. In terms of security, both the free and the premium editions support the use of a 128-bit key to secure data. Editor's note: Netflix, America's largest online DVD rental provider. )   2. Instapaper: For those who have not heard of this magical tool called Instapaper, the goal is simple: allow you to quickly save the page and read it later. The software also provides text-optimized mode: Only text is displayed, and the page is flexibly adapted to the iphone screen.   3. Evernote: This popular note-taking software also offers the iphone version. You can create and send notes, shoot and save photos from your phone camera, record audio memos, and more. Its biggest feature is that all data is synchronized to your Evernote account so that you can also read the data from your computer.   4. Things:things software has excellent task management and organizational capabilities, which Mac users may agree with. If you've used it on MSC, you'll have to install the software on your iphone or ipad. It can be used to manage to-do items, notes, plans, and scenarios. The software is worth 9.99 of dollars, but it's definitely worth something, especially if you're already using its desktop version.   5. Reqall:reqall is an excellent software that allows you to record voice prompts. It converts speech into text, organizes it, and reminds you when the event is nearing completion. The software also integrates popular instant messaging tools, browsers, and mail clients. It also has a "people" label that allows you to share your tasks and reminders with others.   6. Bump:bump is definitely the most creative iphone software in this article. It allows you to easily share contacts, calendars, pictures, and other information between different iphone handsets. Just like its name (bump Chinese meaning "collision"), you can simply "touch" the two phones fitted with bump.To achieve information sharing, it's so simple! Isn't that cool? What's cooler is that it's totally free!   7. HootSuite: This software is one of the best iphone Twitter clients, especially if you use more than one Twitter account and Twitter classification. In addition to helping you quickly check and post Twitter messages on multiple accounts, it also supports Facebook's personal and page updates, and regularly increases network relationships. HootSuite's free version is called HootSuite Lite, with ads. The fee version is priced at 2.99 dollars.   8. Smarttime: This is an advanced management tool on the iphone. It combines your tasks and events in a single interface and schedules the new tasks according to your plans and assignments. The software is known as the only logic-efficient management software available for the iphone and has many features. The Smarttime price is 7.99 dollars.   9. Dropbox: If you're using the desktop version of Dropbox, you might as well try its mobile version. You can sync the data from the terminal to the Dropbox account, and you can also save the file for offline browsing. In addition it is completely free. (Hint: Dropbox is currently in the country temporarily shielded)   10. Reeder2.0:reeder is an efficient RSS subscription software on the iphone. Now that we're talking about increasing the efficiency of iphone apps, then of course we have to add this smart tool. If you subscribe to RSS on the iphone, the software is worth a try.  

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