10 rules for interactive design of tablet games

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From Gesundheit to Trainyard, game designers are exploring and drawing on the design ideas of classic games. Since the launch of the App Store in 2008, Apple has become a gaming giant, providing game developers with a powerful platform for their devices. At present, the game has become the most popular and most profitable application category in the App Store.

More importantly, from the mainstream board game to the popular shooting game, all successful tablet games are now discovering and analyzing the basic rules/concepts of interactive design:

Rule No.1: Moderate challenge players, but not too big challenge

Rule No.2: Setting up a gradual and easy grade

Rule No.3: Three mechanisms of feedback, reward and stimulation are indispensable

Rule No.4: Do not ignore the narrative story plot

Rule no.5: Repetition and reward loops are tricks to teach players

Rule No.6: Every decision that a player makes should make sense to him.

Rule No.7: Remember that every player wants to be a hero or focus

Rule No.8: Do not ask players to understand complex content in order to enjoy an element in the game

Rule No.9: Do not give the player any rewards or benefits that are "unearned"

Rule No.10: Like onions, complexity is best shown in hierarchical form, followed by a gradual approach from easy to difficult

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