1. Chapter 1 of Unity 3D Game Development by Example Beginner's Guide is an incredible hammer.

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Technology is a tool. It can help us achieve incredible things. Compared to the absence of tools, tools can make things faster, simpler, easier, and more incredible. Before we use the latest Steam Driver to build a machine, we use a hammer. Before we had a hammer, we had to pin the nail into the hull by hand. Tools make our lives better, easier, and less painful.

Introduction to Unity 3D

Unity 3D is a new technology that strives to make life better and easier for game developers. Unity is a game engine or a game writing tool that allows creative people (such as you) to create video games.

With Unity, you can build a video game more easily and quickly than before. In the past, the development of a game required huge punched paper, a computer filled up the entire room, using the old language-Fortran. Today, you no longer need to use your palm to pin your nails into the hull. You already have tools. Think about your hammer-a new technology that is born for your creativity.

Tools dominate the world

Through this book, we will extract our game development dream, and extract an open-world game like an epic game into little gold. Focus on the things you can actually accomplish, rather than being unable to extricate yourself from an unrealistic and ambitious work. This book will teach you how to create four games, all of which are small and simple game settings that focus on manual writing. You will learn how to build parts that can be used in different projects and gradually expand the game to make them more complete. After you finish, you can publish these to Web, MAC, and PC.

After working on various packages, the Unity 3D Development Team exported some options to other platforms. When writing this book, games that Unity can create can run on iPhone, iPod, Android devices, Xbox Live Arcade, PS3, and Nintendo's WiiWare service. These tools are added based on the Unity core development kit and have the cost of adding them. We focus only on what we can do, rather than making banks bankrupt. in the later part of this book, we still stick to the core of Unity 3D.

With the basic skills to learn this book, you will be able to expand your knowledge to start building more complex projects. The key is to start from what you can do, and then add a small piece of functionality for your new project from my challenges and expand your knowledge. Any success plan for world control starts from drawing a regional border line in your backyard; think of this book as your backyard.

Browser-based 3D? Welcome to the future.

The basic and most interesting selling point of Unity is that it enables a full 3D game in your browser. It uses a free plug-in named Unity Web Player to embed the content created by running Unity in the browser.

Install Unity Web Player

Download Unity Web Player before you dive into the Unity game world. Similar to the content created by Flash Player when running Flash, Unity Web Player is a plug-in that allows the content created by Unity to run in your browser.

1. Enter http://unity3D.com.

2. Click "install now"! Install.

3. Click "Download Now"

4. The following prompt box appears after installation


Welcome to Unity 3D

Now that you have installed Web Player, you can view the content of the program created by the Unity 3D Writing Tool in your browser.

What can I build with Unity?

To fully understand how incredible the new hammer is, let's look at some projects created by others using Unity. However, at present, we cannot reach the point of completing these games. Let's see how game developers can make full use of their own limits to launch incredible tools.


First, in the Unity tornado, we provide FusionFall and FusionFall-a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) (a large-scale Online multi-player Role-Playing Game ). You can see this game at fusionfall.com. You need to register to play, but these extra efforts are worth it. FusionFall is licensed by Cartoon Network television and is re-imagining that all the character roles in the Japanese anime-style world have grown up. Later versions of Powerpuff Girls, Dexter, Foster and his imaginary friends and kids come from the code: next-door children run everywhere to fight the green alien threat.


FusionFall is a very large and expensive well-known game. It attracted a lot of attention when it was released. As an example of learning, it is the best case of what your new technology hammer can do. FunsioFall includes real-time multi-player networks, chats, questions, battles, inventory, NPCs (no assuming role), basic AI (Artificial Intelligence), name generation, Avatar creation, and clothing. There is a highlighted game feature setting. This includes many oceans.

Let's try to establish FusionFall


Not finished yet !!!



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