1. Team Formation and Project initiation

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    • Team Name: duang~
    • Captain: Wang Hao Members: Li Zhanzo, Chen Xiaobin, Zheng Dingpeng
    • Team project: LAN-based file transfer program
    • Teamwork: Wang Hao is responsible for the structure of the entire program and the core Code section, as well as the coordination between the various Members.

Chen Xiaobin is responsible for writing the base code.

Li Zhanzo and Zheng Dingpeng are responsible for program testing and bug work.

    • Team member performance evaluation and Punishment system:

I compare our team to a tree, I as the captain is the root, is the foundation of the whole tree, and constantly transform the external nutrients into their own growth of energy; Chen Xiaobin is the trunk as the transmission site for the branches and leaves to provide nutrients, but also the whole tree support; Li Zhanzo and Zheng Dingpeng are branches and leaves, Has the effect of absorbing sunlight and "air", but also the appearance of the whole tree. So as a tree who can not leave who, want to grow up a tall strong and beautiful tree, need each part at the same time play a role, in order to let each person fully play their role and value in the team, the implementation of deduction system and add the system, each person in the team project development process for 5 points, on time to complete their tasks without adding points , the rest like for personal reasons delay the whole process of the project or the development process of the neglect process errors need to deduct a point, and 3 of people supervise each other, if 3 people did not find one of the errors or neglect the initiative of individual development of 3 people all deducted 1 points; After team project development is completed, Captain according to the performance of each player to 0~5 score, the total score for the development of the team after the completion of the Division + development process 5 points-deduction of the points, the team to the captain of the supervision, if the captain of the mistake one-time deduction of 5 points (out of 10).

Everyone on the team needs to be responsible for collaboration to ensure successful completion of the project.

1. Team Formation and Project initiation

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