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Although the new 12-inch retinal MacBook will have to wait until April 10, Apple's new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro were unveiled to Apple's website yesterday. Their configurations are upgraded and the price remains unchanged. How about these 2015 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, they're not worth the money to start with and look at the detailed evaluation.

The main difference between MacBook Pro 13-inch and MacBook Air is the screen screen CPU and memory. In terms of positioning, the MacBook Air replaces the previous MacBook as a product of Apple's entry into the pen-electricity product line. The price range for Apple's notebook product line ranges from 6,000 blocks of 11-inch MacBook Air prices up to 12,000 bucks for a high-quality MacBook Pro 13-inch match.

For users who need to buy entry-level, home, text office, online shopping directly can choose the MacBook Air, the main reason is the cheapest price of the Mac entry level. Use the MacBook Air whether or not you choose to install Windows. Beautiful enough to look at the aluminum alloy you definitely choose this Mac for one reason.

  MacBook Air 11 inches and 13 inches

Since Apple began to promote the MacBook Air on many television commercials, iphone users have turned their eyes to the MacBook Air when considering upgrading their PCs.

The 2015-year new MacBook Air uses a 1.6GHz Broadwell processor. The highest frequency can reach 2.7GHz through the core frequency technology. Memory remains at the same 4G as the previous generation. The graphics card is upgraded from Intel HD 5000 to Intel HD 6000. SSD Flash uses the Pci-e interface faster.

Through the CPU run score can see this update for the system to improve the efficiency of the operation can not be said to be very obvious.

For a long time, it has been rumored that we will usher in a MacBook Air configuration Retina display Retina display, but did not wish.

Instead, there is a new product, the MacBook Resurrection, which will be introduced in another article.

It looks like Apple will be ready to continue making cheap MacBook Air the flagship consumer group of low-end consumers. Indeed, the 11-inch low-fit model does not even have an iphone 6 Plus price. You can have a Mac that can run Windows. Is it attractive? Yes, it does.

Most of the people who buy the MacBook air are working in writing or on the daily business, and may even be buying a family online. As long as you don't like to run a large 3D game, this integrated graphics card can handle most of the work.

But, anyway, if you're a professional designer, or a professional game user. Don't go on reading this article. Because the MacBook Pro 15-inch model is probably the right choice for you.

You may be a brand new MacBook Air user. Maybe you're interested in the MacBook Air interface?

The MacBook air either 11 or 13 inch side fuselage is charged with a USB port and headphone jack. And the other side is the Lightning 2-generation interface with USB3.0 and SD card reader.

This is completely enough for the average user. (Yes at least a lot more than the new MacBook Retina interface).

For batteries, the 11-inch battery capacity is _52xx__,

The battery capacity of the 13-inch model is _73xx__.

The 11-inch maximum standby time can be up to 9 hours, and 13 inches to a maximum of 12 hours.

To this, need to prompt everybody, official website tells everybody this time is the longest time, how to understand?

It's like when I have enough to drink, take a deep breath and start holding my breath. I may be the longest one for a minute.

In peacetime, we cannot hold our breath, you may be running, or doing some strenuous exercise. The time to hold your breath is a lot shorter this time.

Therefore, in the daily use of complex use, such as you will open the host system QQ want want and other software, WiFi signal is not good, open Safari browser at the same time to see a lot of flash ads. Consumes a lot of electricity. The real situation is that the MacBook Air, whether 11 inches or 13 inches, should normally take about 5 hours to use.

Of course, we can extend the use of time in many ways, as close as possible to the official promised to you that time. You also do not say Apple: "You liar you cheat me." ”

It's like saying that you always have to show your best side in front of a girl and even brag about it. You should know that.

On the network support, 802.11AC Wi-Fi. This Wi-Fi can reach the fastest 40m/s speed. You can use a 802.11AC router at home to build your home network environment. And this NIC can not improve your home Internet bandwidth speed, because that is the Bureau of the decision.

What's the benefit of that? If your family uses a Mac, you can enjoy the advantage of a high-speed wireless network by airdrop or sharing files to transmit movie audio or software. No longer have to wait.

Well, that's a lot of introductions. You must be tempted to get started. Or you think that the MacBook Air performance is too lame, to give elder brother a better Mac.

All right, please continue reading this article. MacBook Pro with Retina display Maybe it's your dish.

The *macbook Air CPU employs Intel's core-frequency technology. 1.6GHz CPU maximum can be the core frequency to 2.7GHz.

  Intel HD 6000 video card:

We can only say that together. To meet the needs of day-to-day office entertainment, but do not expect this integrated graphics can be very strong enough.

From the data, it is probably half the performance of the 650M GT.

  11-inch models using SanDisk Flash chips with Spotlight Master:

  13-inch MacBook Air Samsung main control and Chip

  MacBook Pro Retina high-definition screen 13 inches.

The MacBook Air's short board is the CPU and the display, and the MacBook Pro has its own advantage on this point.

  the MacBook Pro 13-inch model CPU is 2.7 GHz Core i5 can be the core frequency to 3.1GHz (High with 2.9G Core i5 core frequency 3.4GHz). Memory 8GB. The graphics card is also more advanced Intel HD 6100. With the 2014 MacBook only a small update on the CPU.

So don't talk about the performance improvement of the CPU. Besides, it's a runny nose and a tear.

  Let's talk about the advantages of MacBook Pro.

First of all, this Retina high-definition display screen is definitely an important choice for you to choose this Mac. As long as you get used to the iphone and ipad Retina screen, you'll find that the text is blurry when you use the traditional definition Mac. So retina is a must-elect.

One more thing, if you need to do some of your own work to create something, the more powerful CPU computing performance is what you need. how much stronger is the MacBook Pro 2.7-2.9ghz CPU than the MacBook Air? 22%.

It's going to be 1/4 higher. You also have a larger memory of 8GB. More memory allows you to open more programs at the same time, do more operations, the system more stable operation.

Of course, when we have these, we sacrifice some weight and thickness.

  the MacBook Pro 13-inch weight is 1.58 KG . The thickness is 1.8 centimeters.

  The MacBook Air 11 inches only 1.08kg,13 inch models only 1.35 KG.

Thunderbolt 2 The upgrade of this interface you know it.

  Side interface:


You will get the fuselage side: charge, Thunderbolt 2 x 2,USB 3, headphones, and double microphone.

The other side of the fuselage is the SD card, HDMI,USB 3.0.

The headphone jack supports digital and analog output, which means that the MacBook Pro's headphone hole supports fiber output.

The 13-inch MacBook Pro Max Endurance lasts 8 hours. According to the previous article, in fact, about 4 hours of daily life.

  CPU Run split graph

* Because of the 13-inch high vacant samples, update later.

  Display resolution:

The best display resolution for the MacBook Pro 13-inch Retina display is 1680x1050px. Can be opened in System preferences.

Graphics card: Intel Iris 6100 dynamic shared video memory 1536

The video card OpenGL is better than the air Intel HD 6000. 28.44fps.

  Touch Board:

Well, there's really no more innovation?

Some. Force Touch pad. Yes, here can only be written in English here, even read and see the Apple official website of the professional translation of the students did not translate the word into Chinese.

It is not difficult to give a name to the new Touch board function as long as it is understood by dim sum.

Let's talk about its function first. Looks like it doesn't make any difference from the previous trackpad, but now the trackpad can identify the pressure. It means that the power of your touch pad can be identified by the trackpad. And in the latest OS X Yosemite 10.10 system to convert different pressure sense into different operations.

Like a long force. Click to create a calendar time to quickly play the video. Even your drawing on the trackpad is a feeling of pressure. Different forces draw out the strokes of the thickness will be different.

Well. You probably guessed the Chinese name of the Force Touch.

* Through the touch plate pressure can be clicked to enlarge the icon gradually.

  Pressure feeling control:

Another aspect, which was not mentioned on the official web site, was highlighted in the press conference that this new trackpad will adopt a new design. When the computer does not boot, the touch panel is not pressed down, only after the boot touch board will be pressed down.

The previous MacBook's trackpad was used to identify clicks using a lever principle. That means you should click on the next half of the trackpad to get a click. And the new pressure feeling control using four corners of the pressure sensor to identify the overall area of the point.

This way, no matter where you click, you can get the click feedback.

The actual use of the touch pad in the pressure of the click is actually divided into two paragraphs, when you gently press the touch pad, you will hear similar to the touch-control Board click of the Sound. If you press down again, you will hear the touch pad click again. These two different power clicks will trigger different events.

Under OS X 10.10, the second click after pressing the trackpad is double-clicked by default.

Under the existing OS X 10.10 system, this pressure touch can also be used for other operations, such as the electronic signature of the stroke thickness will be recognized according to pressure, use QuickTime play video can be pushed through the touch pad to quickly release. There are also in the Web page can be used to check the dictionary function.

And believe that this pressure-sensing touch will be used by more apps.

The trackpad can also use some of the features of OS X, such as rotation scaling. So, it's still recommended that you try and use OS X system OH.

In the signature can reflect the thickness of different strokes.


The MacBook Pro 13-inch model still relies on active fan cooling. When the CPU is high, the fan will be turned on for the main sending heat. Because the heatsink area is connected to the screen axis, the upper part of the overall keyboard is hot. is a normal situation. Metal fuselage heat conduction efficiency is high, summer a bit hot is normal, need not worry too much.

  Hard drive reads and writes:

The new PCI-E interface makes it easy to read and write the flash memory inside the fuselage to break through the 1000m/s. has been completely surpassed by the daily necessities. The benefits of using a flash drive are not too much to introduce over the years. Not easily broken, fast, almost no disk fragments.

13-inch low-drive read speed:

13-inch High drive read/write speed:

If you want to have these new features and performance you might want to consider raising your budget.

The *macbook Air CPU employs Intel's core-frequency technology. 2.7GHz CPUs can be up to 3.1 GHz at the highest frequency.

Well, maybe when you've finished reading this, you've got some shallow knowledge of this upgraded MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. So now the problem is in your hands.

Would you choose a MacBook Air or pro? What are your reasons for choosing? Please tell us that your experience may be a reference for new users to choose their products.

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