2016 Summary and 2017 Outlook

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Again to the last day of the year, give yourself a summary, and then for the new Year, oh no, should be the next few years set a goal. Life can not always be like this only look at the present, must be for the long-term plan, otherwise always feel the days are busy and confused.

Work article

It should be summed up from October 2015. At that time, the company carried out a large-scale layoffs, and started a new work experience. From the developers who were just touching the edge business, they became the developers who contacted the core business. This year to do a large 4 large projects and some maintenance projects, the company's two important business has a lot of understanding, I can from the overall structure of the macro consideration, this is a certain progress. But there is a clear feeling that we are still not mastering the core technology, especially the core technology in live broadcasting. The protocol Ah, codec Ah, are not in-depth understanding. Always feel that you are not so interested in technology development. I also feel that there is no way to engage in a lifetime of technology development, software development of the industry knowledge of the replacement is too fast, compared with other industries, is not to say that the more time to do the more serious. As a technology developer, you always need to learn new technology, although the previous accumulation of things useful, but it may be a few years this is outdated, you must find a way to transform. Otherwise, it would be a midlife crisis to sit in that code after the age of 40 and compete with a young 20-year-old. Then the physical strength, energy, momentum, learning speed is not as young as others. And then quickly eliminated, is it still going to go everywhere to cast a resume to find work? To think is a sense of crisis. Recently looking at the "soft skills-the way of survival beyond code," where software developers want to run a business like a career, they can provide something to the user (that is, your employer), how you should constantly improve the products you provide, this product is yourself. If you think from this point of view, then you are not working for the boss, but in the management of their own, in order to enable themselves to provide users with better products and services. You should give yourself a big goal in life and career goals, and then continue to set up some small goals, by achieving a small goal, and constantly go to the big goal close.

Family articles

2015 to 2016 in the Royal Park to buy a car, buy a house, this is the unexpected, I always feel as if it is still distant things, did not expect in two years to be done. It seems that people really want to dare to do, and try to have a stroke. Married in 2016, I feel that my life has entered a new stage. Used to be from their own point of view, now is not the same, I have more responsibilities and obligations, more from the wife from the perspective of the family to consider the problem, transposition thinking is very good, can let you see the other side of the world. I have to take on more burdens. Come on.

Reading articles

2016 compared to 2015, reading less books, but feel read the quality of the book to improve a level. In 2015, there were 40 books, including fiction, technology, financial management, and timing, while the book of 2016 read more philosophical.

1. Philosophical aspects: Read Rousseau's "The origin of Human inequality" "The Social Contract" "Love the Son" (read only half of the volume). It felt that Rousseau's analysis of the social and political system and the analysis of human psychology was so thorough. He can use the language to describe these concepts so clear, logical and so strong, often in the process of reading the reader questions, he immediately thrown this question, and then 1.1 points with you to explore the truth, the mind of the doubts sweep and clear. From elementary school to university to learn so many years of politics, always feel that politics is far from their own, are some blunt concept, can not understand. But reading Rousseau's social contract theory, I really understand how the social political system is built, what the state is, what sovereignty is, what citizens are, what the people are. Let people suddenly enlightened enlightened ah.

2. The technical aspects of the book read the Houtie "STL Source Analysis" and "People's Month myth." Houtie is also a powerful writer, able to make complex technical problems in a simple way, to take you step-by-step exploration of the principle of technology, to see his book can also let you have a sense of enlightened. If it is the first to let me read the STL source code, must crash. After reading this, the understanding of STL is not only limited to how to use the degree, but to achieve the ability to know why to use, there are many functions why use this kind of degree. "People's Month myth" this book in the university when the old listening to the teacher mentioned, only to see now, the author of the software engineering views is really a candle to the people. At present, there is no author to reach such a high level in China.

3. This year also read a number of novels, "A person's pilgrimage" "A person's Pilgrimage 2-Queenie letter" "Silent Confession" "Border town". Reading "A person's pilgrimage" has always been the hero's kind of persistent spirit moved. But when I read the sequel, I felt that the author wanted to explain too much, but a little superfluous. In July-August, the time to reread Shen Congwen's "border town", the beautiful text, the beauty of Xiangxi and Cui Cui's beauty is so clean, a lot of descriptive scenery of the sentence so that people feel really only so pure in the mind, to write so beautiful text. Shen Congwen is very talented writer. "After one months of plain life, all the pain in the heart seems to have healed under that long day." "It is the time that we often say can heal all the pain." But from Shen Congwen's writing to let people feel so clean, faint, quiet, without leaving traces of a bit on your heart.

4. The Chrysanthemum and the sword have a deep understanding of the Japanese nation and the Japanese. It turns out that there is something incomprehensible about VCDs, and now we know that these are the result of the Japanese social concept and educational concept. The Japanese have a lot of contradictions, such as in the daytime suits and polite, in the evening once drinking wine is particularly crazy, different. This is the result of education and experience in the process of Japanese growth. Childhood is basically unrestrained, and adult will accept the family society in all aspects of the constraints, friendship, in the Japanese life has a heavy weight. It can also be something that often puts them in a dilemma. For example, the Japanese could have betrayed their generals and killed the generals themselves before committing suicide to apologize. People in other countries may seem very difficult to understand. But after reading this book, we can understand the various acts of Japan from a deeper level. Worth a read. When it comes to Japan, make a list of other Japanese books and TV dramas that you have seen this year. "Seaside Kafka" Murakami's classic works, TV dramas have "The Blade of Angels" "My Dangerous Wife" "unpleasant fruit" "Sage Love", Japanese TV series are relatively few, 5-10 episodes, and the plot are particularly compact, a variety of plot reversal, all kinds of unexpected, so that people often can read in one breath. If you don't want to go anywhere on weekends, just want to relax at home, it's a good choice. In addition also read a book about AV "Japan av image History", Haha, AV also has a deep understanding.

Fitness articles

2016 the right foot of the old injury and relapse, to now walk more or will hurt, also dare not load. So it was basically just running October ago and running home from Orly Forest Park every night, about 5-6 kilometres. Gym is not how to go, from November resumed to the gym, 2015 training base is still in, to now two months down and pick up again. Fitness is still to persist. But do not know when the injury on the foot can be good, go to the hospital to check the doctor also can not see what. Can only slowly adjust self-cultivation.


2016 Annual Summary: Quick! Days flies, every weekend is busy, from the new Year back 2-March to Hong Kong to buy diamond rings and travel, 4-May photography, 8-September look at the house, October marriage, November to handle the house loan transfer procedures, December depressed, is fleeting. The brain's body is running fast. Feel their memory is also not, a lot of things are unconsciously forgotten. It's time to slow down and plan for the future. Since November has been awake early, 4-5 points on the wake, the morning sleep, lying in bed, heart full of infinite anxiety, and the day began busy trivial things, at night home tired only want to sleep. It may be fear of the future, fear of uncertainty, dissatisfaction with one's own state, and anxiety in the mind. Really good planning the future of life, and down-to-earth step by step to practice, so as to overcome the anxiety and unrest in the heart, so that their hearts back to the state of calm. In fact, action is the best antidote, and action can overcome fear and uneasiness in the mind.

Another 2017 must set goals for themselves, work, family, reading, fitness are to set goals, to the goal-driven, and constantly test their progress and results, so as to have greater progress, or can only muddle through life. Every day reading, work, fitness has become a repetition of the same, no sense of accomplishment, finished will not bring themselves to improve. The goal of life, the next ten years, the next five years, 2017, every month, the goal of the week, should have a measure of the standard, otherwise really feel the day so 1.1 points disappeared. Life 70, 10 years small, ten old. The real good day is 50 years, and half of the time is sleeping, leaving the sober days for yourself to be 25 years. Cherish the time and take action. Goal of life: Make yourself an interesting person.



2016 Summary and 2017 Outlook

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