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People often get confused when they understand the IPv6 in the 3GPP/3GPP2 system, which is caused by the IPv6 at two different levels. First is the data load level, where the user data flow through the operator PLMN from MS to PDN. The other is the transport load level, which is two different logical levels from the data load level. Generally speaking, IPV6 will appear in the four areas of the 3GPP/3GPP2 standard. 2 at the user data load level, 2 at the transport load level.

One thing needs to be clarified, first "IP Bearer Service" It describes the user data service hosting plane in PLMN, not the transport load plane.

IPV6 of data bearing level

The data-hosting dimension ranges from MS to the service-providing network (known as PDN) in the 3G standard, which is expected to be accessed by MS, and may be another MS in the End-to-end call model. IMS and IPV6 are important parts of the user's data-hosting layer because the 3GPP standard requires IMS to use IPV6 and establish its uniqueness. Note that the IMS protocol model is also used by 3GPP2 for the sake of two systems merging. The IMS IPv6 data flow flows from MS to PDN and into the IM subdomain of the mobile operator. IMS uses SIP as the control plane to control user data. User data flows to the intranet, Internet, ASP, or wasp that provide SIP applications. The most prominent issue at this stage is the difference between IETF and 3gpp/3gpp2 SIP network elements, and the interoperability between IMS and the external use of IPv4 sip devices. (Computer science)

IPV6 of transmission load level

There are two important parts to consider at the transport load level. In 3gpp/3gpp2 terms, the core network (Cn:core Network) and the Wireless access network (Ran:radio access network) can or should use IPV6. The transport load level exists in the RAN network's load layer, R-P/GN interface and 3G CN Network level (such as GP interface), IPv6 as an optional option.

The transport load level in CN and ran is not a data forwarding decision for any user interface. Only part of the forwarding judgment based on IP header is started at PDSN/GGSN. More intelligent route selection processes occur after the GGSN GI interface and the Pdsn PI interface.

Pure IPv6 MPLS

Core Network Solutions

Another approach is to use a single running IPV6 MPLS core router, a new pure IPV6 network, or a full network upgrade of both p and PE routers for existing MPLS backbone networks, and a dual control interface for IPV4 and IPV6, and core IGP and label distribution protocols requiring upgrades.

Cisco's IPV6 Network solution will meet the requirements of network evolution in different phases of 3G. We can divide the 3G system evolution network into two big steps, namely the traditional mobile circuit domain to the whole IP evolution stage and the entire system to the IMS Evolution two big stages. In the first phase, Cisco's IPV6 solution provides a reliable assurance of the overall requirements for circuit domain IP, and in the evolution phase of the IMS system, Cisco's IPV6 network can be fully utilized to provide efficient hosting services and business optimization for the network and business of 3G systems.

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