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Chromebook to the birth of the day, it seems to carry a lot of expectations and attention. What most people want Google to do is launch a Chromebook that combines excellent battery performance with ultra-fast performance. Of course, it's also critical that prices are cheaper than mainstream windows notebooks. It's easy to say that it's hard to do. Chromebook has been introduced for more than a few years, but there is still no one can truly meet the above three standards. Beautiful Chromebook Pixel Despite its stunning screen resolution, excellent product quality and ample performance, its average battery life and the price at mid-price in the notebook camp have allowed users to expect a discount. Obviously, Google is also aware of this. Recently, Google has spent a considerable amount of effort to promote HP's Chromebook 11, because it is a very exciting price, and with some new features of the laptop, but this computer in battery life and performance is not so ideal.

Let's look at Acer's newly launched Chromebook C720. For Acer's concerns, the Chromebook is an upgraded version of the C7 that Acer launched last year. Compared to C7, C720 is lighter, more fashionable, and more powerful. Most importantly, C720 claims to have more than twice times more battery life than C7 while improving performance. Such a C720 is priced at just $249 (about 1515 yuan). Compared to the previous generation of product C7, only $50 (about 304 yuan). Even so, C720 's price is $30 cheaper than HP's Chromebook 11 (about 182 yuan). Of course, it's also much lower than other competitors with Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 operating systems. We're not just thinking about whether Acer's C720 is the best Chromebook we've been looking for in a combination of price, performance and endurance since Google launched its first CR-48 Chromebook prototype in 2010.

In terms of appearance, C720 is very simple and low-key. This is very different from the interesting colors and Chromebook design of the HP 11. The body of the C720 is a dark gray matte plastic with a black matte plastic at the bottom. The only gloss of the entire notebook comes from the bezel of the 11.6-inch screen. But it should be explained that the only point with a shiny bezel is also a veritable fingerprint collector, accidentally will fall on the fingerprint printing. On the contrary, HP's Chromebook, though reminiscent of a plastic-based MacBook, is a no-compromise fingerprint collector. Overall, Chromebook 11 may be the most fashionable Chromebook of the year, and C720, is the most hot Chromebook.

In addition to the more obvious appearance of plastic, C720 's overall workmanship is very solid. Compared with the C7 of the work-torn trough, it is amazing to marvel at the fact that the two different laptops from the same manufacturer's hand. A closer look at the C720, the screen and keyboard base between the opening and closing is very tight, a variety of seams are very solid and meticulous. C720 is not equipped with CR-48 of frosted rubber, but it does not feel cheap or plunges. In a word, though not beautiful enough, it is much better than C7.

While Acer's C720 does not have the eye-catching profile of the HP Chromebook 11 and the very practical micro USB charging feature, it is equipped with a complete traditional notebook interface (such as HDMI, SD card slots and USB 3.0 jack), which, in Chromebook It's all canceled on 11. About C720 's work, the only thing I want to vomit is its headphone jack. It takes a big effort to pull the headset out of the jack every time. Whenever I pull the headset out of the headphone jack, I worry about my 200-dollar headset not being pulled out.

HP's speaker settings are smart and built into the keyboard. Although Acer does not have such a setting, C720 's speakers are still loud enough and will not distort when the volume is maximized. In short, C720 is the best combination of cheap laptops and cheap speakers.

C720 is equipped with a chocolate keyboard, the key is shorter, the finger tapping the keyboard will make the voice of the Kerala Lakhala. The keyboard is not equipped with backlighting. Despite being limited to its price, it was unable to provide me with the same keyboard experience as Apple MacBook Air, but I quickly adapted to the C720 keyboard and was able to type quickly. It can be said that, relative to its $250 price, such a keyboard configuration is not losing.

Underneath the keyboard, a small trackpad is provided. The C720 touchpad is also plastic, not glass. Although it does not have the same luxury and high end as the Chromebook pixel or Apple MacBook Trackpad, with the finish and sensitivity of the trackpad, C720 is clearly ahead of several streets compared to last year's C7 and this year's Chromebook.

Although the trackpad appears to be a simple little thing, it is often a pain point for many laptops. We were pleasantly surprised to see that the Acer had clearly grasped the details this time. Whether it's a two-finger flip or a multi-fingered gesture, it runs very smoothly and does not experience any cursor runout or random movement. It makes me sigh that most of the Windows notebooks on the market are unable to provide a good experience on the trackpad, but the cheap C720 are almost there. If the hard to pick bones in the egg, that is, when using two fingers to execute the right-click Command, I have to be funny as far as possible to separate my two fingers to let C720 recognize that this is a right-click command. Of course, because of its cost, when the touch pad is pressed, the sound of the ER slightly.

The C720, like HP's Chromebook, comes with a 11.6-and 1366 x 768 resolution screen. However, unlike last year's C7, C720 used a non-mirrored screen, which eliminated the reflection and glare of the screen to the fullest extent. But it does not look as bright and beautiful as the mirror screen, and the visual angle can be affected. But frankly, I think C720 's screen performance is more than I expected compared to its $250 price.

The C720 weighs 2.42 lbs (approx. 1.098 kg) and is 0.7 inches (approx. 18 mm) in the thickest of the fuselage. Despite the lightness and thinness of the ipad, the ipad does not offer a full-size keyboard, a flexible trackpad, and an SD card slot, after all, the ipad won't cost as much as $250. Although C720 is not as thin and versatile as the MacBook Air or the Acer Aspire S7, it is obvious that C720 cost is too high to take into account the price factor.

In the Chromebook field, Acer is not the first manufacturer to launch the product, but also for Samsung and Hewlett-Packard. But neither Samsung nor Hewlett-Packard has been very good at combining performance and price into a small, thin Chromebook machine. Acer did it. In addition to Chromebook pixel (pixel is still a well-deserved performance champion), C720 is the best Chromebook I have ever experienced in terms of operating speed and sensitivity. When some Chromebook in the page when there is still stagnation, when some Chromebook at the same time to process a few tables on the slow speed, when some Chromebook play video also occasionally lost frame off the chain, C720 always be able to complete the task of quality and quantity. C720 is equipped with a new Intel Celeron processor (fourth generation Haswell processor product line), with 4G of memory, strong configuration to ensure the fast and efficient implementation of each job.

Unlike C7, C720 does not have a 320GB mechanical hard drive and is instead equipped with a 16GB SSD that is more suitable for Chromebook. This makes the computer run more quickly. Of course, you don't have to worry about the lack of storage capacity because Chromebook runs the Chrome OS and supports cloud storage anywhere, anytime. In addition, Acer has further improved the C720 fan. When dealing with more intensive work, the fan starts to work. But most of the time, I do not feel the operation of the fan, unless I use special software to test, I know, the original fan has been in the turn, just because the quiet effect is good, so feel no movement.

One of the most typical scenes of my day's work is the constant opening and closing of countless pages and keeping 15 to 20 page windows open. Such workloads often make the majority of Chromebook powerless to support, but C720 is well suited to this demanding work process. Frankly speaking, although C720 's computational processing speed does not come quickly and efficiently without the MacBook Air, it has never let me down. Before I experienced other Chromebook, I always felt a deep sense of frustration, as if a long-distance runner had an asthma attack on the half-way, and it was not so powerful. But C720 never let it reappear.

Talk about so much, in fact, there is a very important not to say, that is the battery life capacity. After all, no matter how fast and how powerful the performance of a computer is, once you run out of power, you can't do anything. Google and Acer officially claim that C720 has a battery life of up to 8.5 hours, but surprisingly, in our tests, C720 's battery was up to 9 hours and 41 minutes! This means that in a day's use, there are almost 7 hours of time without worrying about battery power. Even on international flights, we can work with peace of mind without considering charging. Although Acer C720 does not offer a stunning USB charging function like HP, it is charging at an alarming rate (Acer's official charging time data is about 1 hours and 37 minutes from the remaining 10% power to the full charge). Also, you don't have to worry about the need to recharge regularly. Previously, we were always amazed at how fast the iphone was in charging time compared to other smartphones, and now, on the C720, we can also quickly recharge.

Talk about the hardware, and then look at the software. With HP's Chromebook 111, the C720 is powered by Chrome OS. Although the Chrome OS is still just a browser, the latest version of the Chrome OS is equipped with the right window, packaged with a range of applications, and offers more and better off-line support capabilities. Chrome OS has a long way to go compared to a full-featured desktop platform. Its biggest mishap: when it comes to the editing of pictures or videos, playing large games, these jobs are not very suitable for Chromebook to complete. But as people's computer habits become more and more web-based, Chrome OS should be able to meet most of the mainstream application needs of most people.

Chrome OS will increasingly be able to replace traditional desktop operating systems

Some people may lament Google's recent changes in Chrome OS. But some of its features, such as notification systems and windowing applications, make the Chrome OS more and more like a mature platform, and more and more close to most computer users.

With Microsoft and Google's Web-version app, you'll get unparalleled productivity (over the past week, I've done all my work with C720). In addition, there are a large number of Web-version applications to help users manage their work effectively. such as recording notes, tracking time, and so on. Despite C720 's low price, Google has spared no effort to hit a series of promotional offers: 2 years of free 100GB Google Drive cloud storage (a service that sells at about half the price of C720), plus a 2-month free visit to Google Play All music as well as a range of Google services access.


Currently, Chromebook is still considered a typical second or third computer. Most Chromebook can't replace a Windows computer or Mac. Their biggest feature is the cheap. Google and its partners apparently want users to overlook Chromebook performance, battery life, and the lack of functionality. Such Chromebook are suitable for groups of users who are not demanding on their computers, but are very sensitive to price.

Compared to the previous Chromebook, the $249 C720 is clearly able to offer more. It can be a perfect alternative to Mac or Windows computers in most people's lives, and offers an exciting price. C720 not only Chromebook pixel performance to the mainstream market, but also on the basis of effective improvement of battery life.

In addition, you need to know about Google's ecosystem in order to better apply the chrome operating system. But for millions of Chrome browser users, they will naturally be familiar with and apply the Chrome OS. Maybe Google will call HP's Chromebook 11 "Everyone's Chromebook", but for me, I think C720 is the right Chromebook for me, maybe also for you.

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